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Cedar Plank Walleye

An aspect of wilderness trips I admire, is the simplicity. With a daily goal to go from point A to point B, a hot meal becomes a luxury and the greatest motivator. The expression of “Hanger” embodies any individual who has pushed lunch back a few hours, due to an unforeseen portage extension or weather delays. Meals are a cooperative effort, and eaten together.  It is a time to reflect on a hard day, or prepare for the next challenge. Some of the best moments of my trips were at mealtime, thus I strongly believe great food can make the difference on any canoe trip.

Canoe Paddles for the Boundary Waters

Bending Branches makes several different canoe paddles specifically designed for expedition trips, like those you’ll take in the Boundary Waters.

Maximize Your Chances on Tournament Day

Fishing just for fun out of a kayak and fishing a competitive tournament both offer rewarding experiences to an angler.

Canoe Strokes: The J-Stroke

Once the J-stroke is mastered, you'll feel much more in control of your canoe.

7 Reasons to Try Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing is still a relatively small segment of the total number of fishing outings each year, but that segment has been growing fast.

Paddles for the Solo Canoeist

If you canoe solo all or part of the time, you may want to consider a double-bladed paddle.

6 Top Canoe Destinations in North America

Naming the 6 top canoe destinations is sort of like naming the 6 best ice cream flavors. It depends who you ask!

Here’s our list of 6 top canoe destinations in North America…

Kayak Fishing Paddles 101

Why a kayak paddle specifically designed for fishing is your best bet.

Top 4 Rivers to Fish - Texas Edition

There are many different rivers in Texas to kayak and fish, and fortunately I have been able to get on a few of these rivers. Of course, I have not covered every single river in Texas, and most of the rivers I have been on have only been for a small section of that river.

How to Size a Canoe Paddle

Are you in the market for a canoe paddle and you don't know what size you should get? Watch our short video on how to properly size a canoe paddle and you'll be paddling your perfect paddle in no time!

What's in The Jacket?

Life Jackets are an essential part of canoe guiding. Not only do they keep you safe, but they can carry everything you need to keep you comfortable through the day as well as prepared for a rescue situation where saving time is vital.

Devils River - The Passion of Fishing
Every time I have gone to the Devils River in Southwest Texas I am amazed. The scenery is really something that I enjoy, as the rugged hills and cliffs with hardly any trees at all make an extreme contrast to...
How to choose the right paddle
I believe the most commonly asked questions I’ve seen around kayak forums are: “What kind of paddle do I need?” and “What length of paddle should I get for X, Y or Z kayak?” For the most part, there are...
Review: Bending Branches Angler Pro and New Navigator Wood Paddle

The most important tool in every kayak angler's toolbox is his paddle. The paddle is the engine of a kayak, and can either aide or hinder you while out fishing. As such, great care should be taken in choosing the right one.

Basic Checklist for Kayak Fishing

Bending Branches Ambassador, Jason Kincy, has made a very useful checklist for those that are interested in kayak fishing! Join in on the trend with these basic necessities.

Canoe Paddle Sizing Guide

You’ll likely have a paddle in your hands the entire time you’re on the water, so picking the right one is critical. A paddle that fits you and your paddling style can make the difference between a fun, rewarding experience or sore hands and shoulders.

Frequently Asked Questions We enjoy talking to passionate paddlers, and we want you to enjoy paddling as much as we do! If you have an issue with your paddle, we want to hear about it. Please e-mail us a photo...
Caring for Your Wood Paddle

Your paddle won’t need any special care except to protect it from the elements between trips. If the finish of the paddle does become scratched or worn through, you can repair it. Here's how:

80 Year-Old Paddling the Entire Mississippi River

Dale Sanders is not letting age stand in the way of his dreams. The 80 year-old from Bartlett, Tennessee, recently departed on a trip down the Mississippi River. He started in Lake Itasca and headed toward his destination, the Gulf of Mexico. If Dale completes his journey, he will be the oldest person to have ever paddled the entire Mississippi. He is not only embarking on this trip to break records, he is paddling for a cause. Dale is trying to raise awareness and funds to help fight Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes, a disease which his grand-niece suffers from. He plans on completing the 2,320 mile journey in 80 days, 8 days faster than the average canoe trip down the river. Check out this interview with Dale, he truly is an inspiring person!…

Alternative for hauling your canoe or kayak

Tired of lifting your canoe or kayak up onto the roof of your vehicle yet don't want to spend big bucks on a factory trailers.

How to Properly Use a Bent-Shaft Canoe Paddle [Video]

They say the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, they obviously haven't used a bent shaft paddle before.