Personifying Midwestern Integrity

About Bending Branches

A 40-year testament to wood, willpower, and Wisconsin.

As the world's largest manufacturer of quality canoe and kayak paddles, we remain a privately held company in Northwestern Wisconsin, staffed by paddling enthusiasts. This translates into countless hours spent designing, prototyping, testing, and perfecting each of our paddles. And when that's done, we go back and look at ways to build them even better. Lighter, stiffer, smarter, more durable, and more beautiful. Our customers have found our paddles to be their long-term companions on all adventures.

Our Core Values

Elevate The Experience

Paddlers and outdoor enthusiasts making paddles. It's as simple as that. At Bending Branches we believe passion for what you do shines through. We understand why quality materials, design and craftsmanship matter. You can trust a Bending Branches product because we do, and we're just like you.

Personify Midwest Integrity

Personal service makes all the difference. A friendly voice and industry-leading customer care are points of pride for us at Bending Branches. Whether you have a question, a concern or want to talk paddles, rest assured our Wisconsin-based service team will be there to help you.

Master Our Machine

Building the best paddles on the planet requires understanding the process from start to finish. At Bending Branches we work tirelessly to expand our capabilities and processes while maintaining agility. We strive to meet your needs promptly and with accuracy.

Lean Forward

Think like an artist. Work like a scientist. After over 40 years in business, we are still optimizing our business and leaving no stone unturned. We seek to provide you with cutting-edge technologies and groundbreaking techniques to enhance your experience on the water.

Branches President

Jason Eccles

“Bending Branches is unique beyond the products we produce.  We take very seriously our role of being good stewards for our customers, employees, community, and environment.  Our team is comprised of a very talented, integrous group of people committed to having fun while
making your outdoor experience as enjoyable as possible.”

Enhancing the paddling experience since 1982.

In 1982, whitewater and touring canoeist Dale Kicker and flat-water racer Ron Hultman teamed up to create the first composite tipped canoe paddle. This unique innovation revolutionized the paddle industry and gave birth to Bending Branches. Since that birth, paddles from this Wisconsin company have propelled people to the places and experiences that people dream of. This spirit of adventure continues to drive Bending Branches to enhance your paddling experience.