The Plus Ferrule System for Ultimate Kayak Paddle Performance

Getting more extension and more feathering angle options for your kayak paddle can truly enhance your paddle's performance, and therefore your paddling experience.

Why do you paddle? To get to the tough-to-reach fishing hole? To cover miles on an adventure? Either way, a versatile paddle will be your best friend!

Bending Branches’ Plus ferrule system gives you that versatility.

Let’s take a closer look at just two of its advantages…

Plus Ferrule

1. Length Extension

With the Plus ferrule, you can add or subtract length to your paddle within a 15 cm range. This is ideal if you’re in any of these situations:

  • You have two or more boats with different widths.
  • You share your paddle with others.
  • Your fishing kayak has a seat that can be raised or lowered, so you sit at varying distances from the water.

Rather than adapting to your paddle’s length, your paddle can adapt to your situation.

2. Infinite Feathering Angles

Feathering comes into play when you’re in windy conditions, and when you want more efficiency and control.

The typical snap-button ferrule offers two angles: 0º and 60º. The Plus ferrule, on the other hand, gives you unlimited feathering angles. Do want 56º? 37º? You got it! You have 360º of angles to experiment with. Whatever angle works best for you is what you get.

Bending Branches’ Paddles with the Plus Ferrule System

Here at Bending Branches we offer six kayak paddles with the Plus ferrule system. That means you have several options whether for fishing or touring.

Angler Classic Plus — Nylon-reinforced fiberglass blades and fiberglass shaft. 34 oz.

Angler Ace Plus — Carbon-reinforced nylon blades and 100% carbon shaft. 31 oz.

Angler Pro Plus — Multi-laminate fiberglass over-sized blades and T-700 carbon shaft. 30 oz.

Slice Glass Plus — A touring paddles with epX engineered polymer blades and fiberglass shaft. 34 oz.

Slice Hybrid Plus — A touring paddle with epX engineered polymer blades and 100% carbon shaft. 30 oz.

Navigator Plus — A touring paddle with red alder and roasted basswood blades, wrapped in fiberglass and edged with Rockgard®. A T-700 carbon shaft. 28 oz.

Angler Navigator Plus — Beefed up blades made from red alder and roasted basswood, wrapped in fiberglass and edged with Rockgard®. A 100% carbon shaft. 33 oz.

In this video Nik Brown of Hook 1 shows us the Plus ferrule system on the Angler Pro Plus: