NEW! Versa-Lok™ Adjustable Length Ferrule System

Simple Adjustments on the Fly

100% carbon ferrule insert for smooth changes
fully shortened, unlocked


Custom blended nylon ferrule material with very high fiberglass content for strength

fully extended, unlocked


Push together to shorten length

Turn shaft to offset angle

fully extended, locked


Secure, tight connection with no wiggle, wobble or slip in locked position

UPDATED: Angler Ace, Classic and Drift receive a new blade shape and design

Industry-leading Improvements: Flutter free forward stroke (smooth power for efficiency), improved strength (durable lightweight upgrades), greater technical stroke abilities (reduced backside spine), quieter entry and exit (sofen

Two Ferrule Options: Connect with Confidence

NEW! Versa-Lok™

Bending Branches' Versa-Lok™ ferrule system couples 15 cm of variable length and infinite feather angles with a simple, snug locking mechanism and durable, corrosion-proof carbon ferrule insert.

Available on Angler Pro Carbon, Angler Pro, Angler Navigator, Angler Ace, and Angler Classic


Snug, 3-hole snap-button system with a carbon ferrule insert for durability. Option to offset blades at 0 or 60 degrees, left and right hand control. The simplest and least expensive ferrule option, perfect for any kayak angler

Available on all Angler models.

Most Popular Models

Angler Ace Versa-Lok™


Angler Classic Versa-Lok™


Our Versa-Lok™ Ferrule System Gives You Ultimate Kayak Paddle Performance

Bending Branches' Versa-LokTM ferrule system offers variable length and feathering options for your kayak fishing paddle. This can truly enhance your paddle's performance, and therefore your paddling experience.