Bending Branches Canoe, Kayak, and Stand-Up Paddles

Paddling is what we do.

Bending Branches Sizing Guide
You’ll likely have a paddle in your hands the entire time you’re on the water, so picking the right one is critical. A paddle that fits you and your paddling style can make the difference...
The Plus Ferrule System increases your ability by adding versatility to your paddle stroke.
Rockgard Protection by Bending Branches
Durability. Beauty. Performance. When designing our world class canoe and kayak paddles, these three things are always front of mind. It’s what our customer’s value and what sets us apart.
The Bending Branches Team
The popularity of paddling for sport and recreation is ever increasing and so are the canoe and kayak paddle options. Given so many choices, ultimately people want to know- "Who should I buy from and why?"


We were compelled to write these tips after seeing canoes and kayaks outside, on the ground, unprotected, and covered with snow. Storage is often the key to your boat’s longevity.

For the majority of kayak anglers that fish for fun, the tape measure on their Bending Branches paddles offers a quick and convenient way to determine the legitimacy of their catch.

It’s not too late to get that ideal gift you know outdoor enthusiast will use and enjoy. So be the hero this year and pick up one of these popular handpicked gifts.

Julie Buckles is the author of "Paddling to Winter: A Couple's Wilderness Journey from Lake Superior to Northern Canada,” a memoir about her 1,700-mile canoe honeymoon to Wollaston Lake, Saskatchewan, where she spent a winter on an isolated island