Rockgard® - Protects your Paddle

Durability. Beauty. Performance. When designing our world class canoe and kayak paddles, these three things are always front of mind. It’s what our customer’s value and what sets us apart. That’s why, only at Bending Branches, you will find our proprietary technology Rockgard® applied to each of our wood paddles.

The edge of your canoe paddle can take a lot of abuse. If not protected properly, cracks/chips can occur which compromise the paddle’s integrity and the next thing you know, you’re looking for a new paddle.

Bending Branches' Rockgard® protection is the answer. This proprietary technology - derived from the same material as inline skate wheels - maintains the integrity of the paddle, seals against moisture and protects the most vulnerable areas - the tips and edges. It is this unmatched shock-absorption that Rockgard® provides which helps our wood paddles last six times longer than those without protection. When you hold this technology in your hands, you can feel confident that your paddle will give you what you need, when you need it....and come back for more.

Rockgard® protection is applied to each paddle based on the demands that paddle is likely to face and can vary within each category.

Paddles with Rockgard® last 6 TIMES longer than those without protection.

So, whether maneuvering through rocky river water or if you’re in need of a push off to keep you moving ....our Rockgard® protected paddles are up to the challenge.

Want to see more? Watch the video below to hear more about our industry leading Rockgard® technology.