Kayak Adventure Series 2024 Promises Fish, Fun and Films

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2024’s Kayak Adventure Series is a unique kayak fishing tournament series with six events planned across the eastern half of the US. Each event features a different location with an incredible fishery, a revitalized downtown area, and a historic theater for awards and a film that will show some anglers’ best tournament footage on the big screen.

kayak angler fishes in front of a waterfall

The 2024 Kayak Adventure Series takes anglers to six unique fisheries across the country

The Tournament Series Low-Down

These family-friendly events promise a weekend of fun and fishing that welcomes kayak anglers of all skill levels. Two-and-a-half action-packed days will include opening ceremonies, seminars, a festival with music, games, demos, vendor and sponsor booths, and a kids zone. The wrap-up will be an awards presentation in a historic theater where some anglers’ best footage and fish catches will be shared on “the big screen”!

Series founder and Bending Branches ProTeam member Drew Gregory said, “Given the rules and format, you can still go into the tournament and have a reasonable chance to win with just a paddle, a couple rods and a tackle box. This is what drew many to kayak fishing from the beginning. The rule set appeals to the diversity of pedal kayaks, motored kayaks and those simply using their Bending Branches paddle.

“You can launch from any public access—like creek bridges, public right-of-ways and lands. Some of these waters are best fished with a small kayak and paddle. Anglers can find unpressured fish in shallow backwater areas not accessible to the bigger boats with motors and all the electronics.”

kayak angler fishes on a calm lake at sunrise

Another aspect of the Kayak Adventure Series is the low cost of entry. As little as $25 will get you into the least expensive division if you’re new to kayak fishing tournaments and want to try it. Even the 2-man division is just $75 per person ($150) and the Individual Division is $150, half what many elite national tournaments cost.

Beginning and intermediate competitive anglers will also benefit from the Friday seminar line-up, taught by pro anglers. “There’s time built into the events to help you learn and hang out during opening or closing ceremonies and the after party. You can rub elbows with those guys who really know their stuff and learn more from them,” said Drew.

More on Paddles, Pedals and Motors

While Drew loves his motor, he’s fundamentally a paddle guy. “I’ve never used a pedal drive and never will,” he said. “I don’t really enjoy having my knees come up into my arms when I’m trying to cast. And even when I’m using my Torpedo, my paddle is still in my lap. I’m using the paddle to do a draw stroke to move myself sideways and other things a motor can’t do.

“The paddle has no moving parts or electronic components to it, so it doesn’t break or have problems. You never have to fix it. It’s always reliable. So, I’m gonna choose to fish with the paddle. I’ve always preached to people that the paddle can never let you down.

“It’s an advantage when you have a rule set like we do in the Kayak Adventure Series where people can launch from wherever. When you use just a paddle you can launch in places that are a little harder for the heavier or motorized kayaks to launch from. You can easily portage over obstacles such as up and down rapids or over a log to get to spots that are much harder for a kayak with a motor or pedal drive. We think it helps keep the original intent of kayak fishing—the ability to reach waters bigger boats can’t.

kayak angler fishes in a small cove surrounded by trees

Kayak paddles help anglers reach shallow, unpressured waters

“It helps keep perspective and the hope alive that you can win with a $300 kayak, a hundred-dollar paddle and a tackle box. You can still compete against the guys who have a $20,000 set-up with all the electronics.

“I can’t wait to see the dichotomy between all those different styles. We want to celebrate the diversity of each other and the kayaks, then just let the chips fall where they may at each event. Maybe electronics and a motor will help someone with that style of fishing. Or maybe the angler who doesn’t have the funds for a $20,000 set-up can compete too and feel welcomed.”

Learn More about the 2024 Kayak Adventure Series

The 2024 Kayak Adventure Series (KAS) is presented by GoPro (hence, fun films at the Awards!). Each event is sponsored by a different kayak company, with Bending Branches being one of many other sponsors for the series.

KAS is also partnering with local Chambers of Commerce, state Fish & Game Departments, local paddlesport retailers and pro tournament anglers for each event.

“No matter what happens on the water, the anglers, their friends and family will make memories and friendships that will last a lifetime at each stop!” says the KAS website. Each location was chosen for its hidden gem fisheries, nearby scenic towns and their historic theaters for a unique awards venue.

The tournament will kick off on Thursday evening with Opening Ceremonies, check-in and fun. The tournament itself takes place over Friday afternoon and Saturday, which leaves time earlier on Friday for all entries to attend seminars and enjoy socializing. Friends and family who won’t compete on the water can enjoy loads of fun activities on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. And everyone’s invited to the Awards Ceremony and film on Saturday night.

Learn all about 2024’s Kayak Adventure Series at kayakadventureseries.com, and find the closest tournament to you—or enter several! There’s an event each month of 2024 from May through October:

  • May 3-4 in Thomaston, Georgia
  • June 7-8 in Whitehall, Michigan
  • July 12-13 in Poplar Bluff, Missouri
  • August 9-10 in Towanda, Pennsylvania
  • September 6-7 in Sauk Prairie, Wisconsin
  • October 4-5 in Bowling Green, Kentucky
Drew Gregory in a fishing kayak with a nice fish

Bending Branches ProStaff team member and Kayak Adventure Series founder Drew Gregory

All photos courtesy of Drew Gregory.

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