Kayak Fishing Paddles 101

bending branches kayak fishing hook retrieval

So you’re joining the growing ranks of kayak fishermen and women—good for you!

If you’re brand new to this popular sport, you may be asking, “Why a specific paddle for fishing? Can’t I just use any ol’ kayak paddle?”

Sure you can. But paddles designed for fishing have a couple extra features you’ll be glad to have. We’ll get to that in a minute.

First, let’s talk paddle length…

The Length of Your Paddle

The two main factors in determining paddle length is the type of kayak you have and your height.

Kayaks made for fishing—both sit-in and sit-on-top—are generally wider than those made for general kayaking. So you’ll want a longer paddle in order to reach the water comfortably and paddle efficiently: 240-260cm. And if you’re tall, you’ll want an even longer paddle. If you’re shorter, you’ll want a shorter paddle.

Here are a couple articles you’ll find helpful:
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What Your Paddle is Made Of

Kayak fishing paddles are made of a variety of materials. The rule of thumb is: always buy the lightest paddle you can afford. The lighter and stronger the material, the more expensive the paddle. This goes for both the shaft and the blade.

For beginners and recreational fishing—going out a handful of times a year—an aluminum or fiberglass shaft with polypropylene or engineered polymer blades will be just fine. Once you decide this sport is for you and you’re ready to invest more, you can graduate to a carbon paddle.

The Extras You Get for Fishing with Bending Branches' Paddles

As promised, let’s talk a bit about a couple extras you get when you buy a Bending Branches kayak paddle.

Have you ever had a snag? What a pain! But with our hook retrieval system built into the paddle, it’s less of a pain. You’ll be able rescue your precious lure! Even our least expensive kayak paddles have this feature.

Bending Branches kayak fishing hook retrieval

All our kayak fishing paddles—except the Angler Rise—also have a tape measure built right on the shaft. No guessing necessary. This way you can prove you caught the big one!

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