Rockgard®: Make Sure You’re Protected

 rockgard on java canoe paddle

Rockgard® edge protection means a long-lasting paddle (photo courtesy of @five2nine_ca)

Bending Branches Rockgard® protection is our proprietary technology derived from, of all things, the inline skate wheel. We use this material to protect the edges of our wood canoe paddle blades.

Why Do Wood Canoe Paddle Blades Need Extra Protection?

While beautiful, warm to the touch and light, wood naturally can splinter and split over time and use. This is especially true when it’s exposed to the elements, like what happens with long days of paddling.

Wood canoe paddles without Rockgard® protection can begin to show wear and tear in the blades—especially the tips—within a year or two. But with Rockgard®, your wood paddle can the tough conditions it faces for many years.

What Makes Rockgard® Special?

Unlike the urethane coating used on many wood paddles, Rockgard© doesn’t chip. It  has some elasticity, which results in a more impact-resistant protection.

Rockgard® helps our wood paddles maintain their integrity by sealing against moisture and protecting the most vulnerable areas—the blade tip and edges.

Based on our tests, we’ve found that wood canoe paddles with Rockgard® protection last 6 times longer than those without. That’s a big difference!

Which of Bending Branches’ Wood Canoe Paddles have Rockgard® Protection?

All of them!

We apply Rockgard® protection to every wood paddle, no matter its price point. The amount applied to each paddle differs according to its intended use.

Our most affordable wood paddles have Rockgard® along the tip of the blade, the area most likely to see contact with dirt, sand, gravel and other abrasives.

We apply Rockgard® along more of the edges of the blades of our mid-range wood paddles, since these are likely to see more use over longer periods of time and more varied conditions. Most in this collection have this protection around the entire blade edge.

Our toughest wilderness wood paddle has Rockgard® around the entire edge of the blade plus 6 inches up the shaft. That one means business!

 rockgard on wood kayak paddle

We put Rockgard® on our wood kayak paddles, too, of course! (photo courtesy of @kboutdoors)

Whichever wood paddle you choose, be sure it has Rockgard® protection so you can count on it as your trusty partner for many years.

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