Wooden Canoe Paddles: Brawn + Beauty

wooden canoe paddles

Many other materials are used to make canoe paddles today, too, like aluminum, fiberglass and carbon. Wood remains a popular material due to its strength and lightness. And there’s one aspect of wood no man-made material can match: its beauty.

Here’s a look at the wooden canoe paddles we make at the Bending Branches factory in Osceola, Wisconsin. There’s one for every budget and purpose:

Recreational Day Trip Paddles

Are you a recreational canoeist who spends your paddling time on day trips at the cabin or campground, or on a local river? Look at our line of entry-level and intermediate recreational paddles, all under $100:

The Loon and Traveler wooden paddles are perfect for beginners and the casual canoeist. They feature solid basswood shafts, comfortable grips and blades made from basswood and maple, or basswood and red alder. They’re both tipped with our patented Rockgard® protection for durability. MSRP: $74.95 and $84.95.

The Beavertail is designed with the classic long and narrow blade shape of the traditional canoe paddle. It features a solid basswood shaft with a red alder and basswood blade, tipped with Rockgard®. The perfect choice for paddling on flat, deep water. MSRP: $94.95.

The BB Special and Arrow paddles feature the more durable laminate shafts, as well as blades made from red alder, basswood and maple. The BB Special is our most economical bent-shaft paddle. MSRP: $99.95 each.

Longer Touring Excursion Paddles

If your canoeing adventures include longer trips in places like the Boundary Waters or the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, you’ll want to take a look at our line of touring excursion paddles. These are designed for ruggedness, light weight and efficiency:

The Expedition Plus is our toughest wooden paddle with our patented Rockgard® protection wrapped around all the edges of the blade and 6 inches up the shaft. It’ll be your canoeing companion for years to come. It features an 18 laminate straight shaft and a blade made of red alder, basswood and roasted basswood. MSRP: $149.95

The Sunburst 11and Sunburst ST are our only canoe paddles not made entirely of wood. The bent-shaft (11) and straight-shaft (ST) blades are gorgeously crafted of red alder, basswood and roasted basswood, then edged all around with Rockgard®. The shafts are made from aerospace-grade T-700 carbon. These are our lightest canoe paddles at only 17 ounces each. MSRP: $224.95 and $214.95.

The Explorer Plus and Cruiser Plus 11 are our most economical touring canoe paddles. The straight-shaft Explorer and bent-shaft Cruiser feature hefty blades of basswood and roasted basswood, fully edged with Rockgard®. MSRP: $119.95 and $129.95.

The Viper has a unique double-bent shaft for supreme comfort when paddling on your long trips. The blade is a beautiful blend of basswood and roasted basswood, fully edged with Rockgard®. MSRP: $159.95.

The Java 11 and Java ST round out our excursion paddle collection with their eye-popping pinstripe blade of basswood and roasted basswood. The solid basswood shaft means super-lightweight—only 19 ounces—whether the bent-shaft (11) or the straight-shaft (ST). Of course the blades are edged all the way around with Rockgard®. MSRP: $149.95 and $139.95.

Paddling Kids

Do you have kids who love to paddle, too? We’ve got a paddle just for them! Take a look at the Twig, specifically designed for the young ones. The kid’s T grip makes it easy to hang on to and maneuver. The basswood blade is tipped with Rockgard® just like the big paddles. MSRP: $59.95.

Solo Canoeist Paddle

If you prefer paddling solo at times, the Impression Solo is worth a look. This double-bladed paddle is made with a solid basswood shaft. It features a snap-button ferrule for either a 0º or 60º feathering option. The blades are red alder and basswood, edged at the tip with Rockgard®. MSRP: $199.95.

Wooden canoe paddles are a fine choice in paddle—for their light weight, for their durability, and especially for their artistry and beauty. You can’t go wrong when you choose one from the Bending Branches collection.

Do you have questions about picking out a wooden canoe paddle? Give our Wisconsin-based Customer Service reps a call at: 715-755-3405

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