Have the Right Canoe Paddle for Your Trip.

Next to your canoe, your paddles are the most important gear for your canoe trip.

There are two main questions to ask yourself when deciding on the right paddle(s) to bring:

  • How long will you be paddling?
  • Will I be on mainly flat water? Or will I be on technical water (heavy currents and/or whitewater)?

At Bending Branches, we make paddles for every type of adventure.

Entry Level Canoe Paddles

For a great entry level paddle that’ll perform wonderfully on flat water, consider the Beavertail or BB Special.

Beavertail • MSRP $94.95—This straight-shaft paddle features the traditional long, lean blade that’s perfect for deep lake paddling. Fashioned from red alder and basswood and tipped with Rockgard®.

BB Special • MSRP $99.95—The blade is a blend of basswood, maple and red alder, tipped with Rockgard® for extra protection. The shaft is 18 laminate basswood. The 11º bend gives you more efficiency for long trips.

Mid-Range Canoe Paddles

Are you looking for a bit more horsepower? Will you need more performance and versatility due to varying water conditions? Take a look at the Explorer and Cruiser.

Explorer Plus • MSRP $119.95—With its 18 laminate ovalized straight shaft and big beefy blades, this paddle will get you where you’re going quickly and easily. Rockgard® protection around the blades’ edges add extra durability.

Cruiser • MSRP $129.95—Very similar to the Explorer but with an 11º bend in the shaft for extra efficiency. The basswood and roasted basswood blades edged with Rockgard® are both tough and beautifully crafted.

(NOTE: The Sun Shadow and Espresso paddles featured in the video below are now retired.)

Top-of-the-Line Canoe Paddles

Will you be paddling many hours each day and need high durability? Consider the Expedition Plus or Viper. If you're a person who likes the best of the best, you can't go wrong with our super-light Sunburst paddle.

Expedition Plus • MSRP $149.95—This straight-shaft paddle is the most rugged we make, with our Rockgard® protection extending all the way around the blade edges and 6 inches up the shaft. Made of red alder, basswood and roasted basswood.

Viper • MSRP $159.95—Not only does the Viper have an 11º bend near the blade, but an added bend in the shaft for even more comfort and efficiency. Made of basswood and roasted basswood, the blade is edged with Rockgard® all the way around.

Sunburst 11 and Sunburst ST • MSRP $224.95 & 214.95—A striking combo of red alder, basswood and roasted basswood in the blade, with our patented Rockgard® protection all the way around the edges. The T-700 aircraft-quality carbon shaft comes either straight or with an 11º bend for extra efficiency. Each weighs only 17 ounces.

The canoe paddle you choose largely depends on the type of water you’ll be paddling in, and how long you’ll be paddling.

You can even cover all your bases by picking a couple different styles so you're ready for anything!

If you still have questions, feel free to call our Wisconsin-based Customer Service line. We’re happy to offer you more specific help: 715-755-3405

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