How to Tie Down & Transport Your Fishing Kayak

Many anglers buy their kayak before thinking about how they’ll get it to and from the water. In this video, Bending Branches’ Pro-Staffer and kayak angler, Chad Hoover, tells us how to transport your fishing kayak.

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You want to safely transport your kayak to and from the water both for your own safety and the safety of others on the road. You also want to protect your kayak investment for many years to come.

Tie Your Kayak Down Securely

Chad shows us in the video how to tie your kayak(s) down securely on any kind of cross bar system, whether it’s on a trailer or your vehicle’s rooftop.

It’s important to use heavy-duty tie-down straps. Chad likes the buckles straps better than the ratcheting straps as you only need it snug, not too tight. Watch the video for his method of wrapping the strap under the crossbars and over your boat.

Any bucket or ratchet can fail, so also loop it one more time and tie off the loose end with a series of half-hitch knots. If the buckle fails, the knots will keep it secure.

how to transport for fishing kayak

(photo courtesy of Tyler Thiede)

Never Do This

Never, ever tie two kayaks down with one set of tie-down straps. You want to use one set of tie-downs for each kayak.

Remember, you’re prioritizing safety and security.

Trust in a Quality Rack System

A quality rack system can make your life easier when you load and unload your kayak. It’ll also give you peace of mind, knowing your system will be durable and long-lasting.

Chad mentions the Yakima racks in the video. Click here for their kayak rack options for all types of vehicles and kayaks.

You can also go with a trailer designed for kayaks and canoes.

Load Your Kayak on Your Vehicle Easily

Here’s another one of Chad’s videos. He demonstrates, along with his wife, how to load a your fishing kayak on your vehicle:

This is a great technique for one person, even a small person with a heavy kayak. Once it’s on the crossbars of your vehicle, simply tie it on using the technique from the first video.

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