5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fishing Kayak

how to choose a fishing kayak

How do you know which fishing kayak to choose when there are so many on the market? Kayak Bass Fishing’s Chad Hoover goes over five things to consider before you go out to shop for your first (or next) kayak.

Chad bases his opinions on his own experience in retail, in trade shows and as a professional kayak angler…as well as comments he gets from others, both in person and online.

Take a look at the video below:

1. Stability

If you can, it’s always best to try a kayak out before you buy it. But if you can’t, do your research. Look over customer reviews and social media posts. If you see photos of people standing to fish in the kayak you’re considering, it’s stable enough.

2. Comfort

When you’re not standing, you want your kayak to be as comfortable as possible. This includes the seat, but also how you’re positioned in the kayak. How much leg room do you need? Is the seat height-adjustable?

If you have the option to stand, you’ll be able to adjust your position from standing to sitting, which adds to the comfort factor even more.

3. Rig-Ability

You want to be able to rig out your kayak for fishing so it suits you. Will you fish salt water or fresh water, or both? Rivers or flatwater? Will you want a motor on it? How much room will you need for gear and accessories?

Consider all these things and look for a kayak that allows you the ability to rig it according to your needs.

4. Performance & Propulsion

While many would place this first on the list, Chad places this in the number 4 slot because he believes the first three are more important.

Consider whether you want a paddle or pedal kayak. You want a boat that’s designed to perform well with your chosen method. Also consider if you’ll want to be able to use a motor with it.

5. Affordability

Your goal is to choose the most boat you can get within your budget. The first four should be considered first, but with affordability in mind all along the way. There are many places to look for a used kayak if a new model is beyond your reach right now.

When you keep these five factors in mind when choosing your next fishing kayak, you’ll find one you’re happy with, comfortable in and can use for many years to come.

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