Protect Your Kayak Fishing Paddles with a Paddle Bag

kayak paddle bag interior

An inside look at NRS’s two-piece kayak paddle bag

One of the best investments you can make to protect your kayak fishing paddles is a quality paddle bag to keep them in.

Bending Branches Regional Ambassador, Dean Bowling Jr., agrees:

“A paddle bag is an excellent investment when you spend a lot of money on an expensive paddle. I do vendor shows for Bonafide Kayak, and have a couple paddles just for these shows. They need to be in top shape for display, so I keep them in a paddle bag. You don’t want to mess up those beautiful patterns!”

kayak paddle bag exterior

For storing and for transporting your paddles to and from the water, consider a bag made for kayak paddles.

Dean uses the NRS two-piece kayak paddle bag:

“This foldable paddle bag can fit two paddles. You take them apart and put them in the pockets to protect the paddle blades. The bag is padded and the blades are separated to prevent scratching.”

nrs paddle bag interior

The NRS paddle bag offers many features to securely protect your paddles

This bag is both padded and fleece-lined for ultimate protection, even with airline travel. It’s made of heavy-duty outer shell and has a shoulder sling for easy carrying (which you’ll want to remove if you check it on a plane).

Order the NRS paddle bag directly through their website. It sells for $99.95.

Danuu Paddle Gear also makes a paddle bag that can store two kayak fishing paddles. It’s well-constructed with a padded, split interior and a shoulder strap for easy carrying. It sells for $67.95

Both these brands sell through retailers as well as through their website, so you may find these paddle bags wherever you buy your kayak fishing gear locally.

There are other cheaper paddle bags on the market (for example, through Amazon). Be careful to look at the length (not all of them are long enough for a kayak fishing paddle) and that it will offer the protection you want.

 dean bowling jr

Dean Bowling Jr.

Storing and transporting your kayak fishing paddles in a paddle bag offers two benefits: it makes it easy to carry them and protects your investment. It’ll keep your paddles looking their best for years.

(All photos courtesy of Dean Bowling Jr.)

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