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How to Load Your Kayak on Your Vehicle [Video]
Kayak Bass Fishing’s Chad Hoover covers how to load your fishing kayak on your vehicle in this video, with the help of his wife, Kristie.
Our 14 Top Gift Picks for the Paddlers on Your List
With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, we wanted to give you 14 of our top gift picks for all the paddlers on your list! Whether your friends and loved ones canoe, kayak or stand-up paddle board, you’ll find some great ideas here…
Kayak Paddle Care
Even the toughest paddles in the industry appreciate a little love. Here at Bending Branches, we know our paddles perform best when they receive the proper care. Here are a few tricks to keeping your paddle in tip-top condition for years of paddling adventures
Why Paddling Locally is Wonderful, Too
It seems to be human nature to dream about canoeing or kayaking in far off, exotic places. Somehow we think it’s better than paddling the waters in our own backyard.
How to Shuttle Kayaks, Canoes & People with Social Distance in Mind
We’re dying to get out on the water after weeks of quarantine…but still want to practice safe social distancing. How do we do that?
6 Ways Canoeing & Kayaking are Ideal Social Distancing Activities

Of all the great ways to get active outside in these times of social distancing, canoeing and kayaking are a couple of the best! Here’s why…


Build a Wooden Kayak, Part 4 [Video]

Here we bring you the final installment of Jason Eke’s video series on how to build your own wooden kayak…


Kayaking at Rock Island State Park in Tennessee
Rock Island State Park, located in Warren County in Tennessee, is an 883-acre park located on the headwaters of Center Hill Lake at the confluence of the Caney Fork, Collins and Rocky Rivers. The immense beauty of the park includes the Caney Fork Gorge that sits stoically below the Great Falls Dam.
Build Your Own Wooden Kayak, Part 3 [Video]

Here’s Part 3 of Jason Eke’s video series on how to build your own wooden kayak…

Build Your Own Wooden Kayak, Part 2 [Video]

Jason Eke of Trailguide Pictures walks us through the process of building your own stitch-and-glue wooden kayak in this second part of the 4-part series…

Kayaking with Hypoglycemia

Tips for Kayaking with Low Blood Sugar and Why Eating Right is Important

Build Your Own Wooden Kayak, Part 1 [Video]

Trailguide Pictures’ Jason Eke walks us through the process of building your own stitch-and-glue wooden kayak…

Kayak Paddle Sizing Guide
How to Size Your Kayak Paddle The two most important factors in choosing the right size kayak paddle are your kayak’s width and your own height… If your paddle is too short you may find yourself banging your knuckles on...
How to Canoe and Kayak with Your Dog

Want to turn your pup into your faithful paddling partner? Here are some tips from canoeists and kayakers who’ve done just that…

Our Whisper Kayak Paddle Awarded “Top Pick”

Bending Branches’ Whisper kayak paddle has been one of the best-selling kayak paddles in the world since 2013—and now has an award behind its name…

Bending Branches’ Kayak Touring Paddles

At Bending Branches, we’re mostly known for our canoe paddles and kayak fishing paddles. But we also manufacture several models of kayak touring paddles…

Top 5 Easy-To-Do Breakfast Recipes for Canoe/Kayak Trips

When we’re canoe and kayak camping, we try to keep things simple, yet tasty. That’s the trick. These are the best tried-and-true recipes we’ve found to get you out of camp and back on the water…

4 Paddling Safety Skills to Master

All serious paddlers should master a few basic skills to keep themselves and their paddling buddies safe on the water…


Canoe & Kayak Paddling Safety Essentials

Know and follow these basic safety tips so you can fully enjoy paddling for a lifetime.

“Stream Map USA” App for Anglers, Canoeists and Kayakers

Stream Map USA is a powerful app from Gogal Publishing Company that guides you to and around every stream, river, pond and lake in the continental US.

Life Jacket (PFD) Use for Canoes and Kayaks

Your personal flotation device (PFD)—commonly called a life jacket—is the most important safety feature of your paddling experience. Don’t take it lightly!