Our Purpose? To Inspire Memorable Outdoor Experiences

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You might think our underlying purpose at Bending Branches is to craft world-class canoe and kayak fishing paddles. But our Why goes deeper than that—it’s to inspire YOU to have memorable outdoor experiences on the water!

Designing and crafting world-class paddles is how we do that.

canoeists and kayaker on a lake in the fall

We get to help people get outdoors and make memories! (photo courtesy of Robbie Arkovich)

Here are the ways our customers use our paddles to be inspired, have fun and make memories:

Recreational Canoeing or Kayaking Experiences

Canoeing and kayaking are both age-old activities here in North America. They’ve developed over the years into a couple of the most popular ways for people of all ages to enjoy getting on the water. To see their local communities from a different perspective. To enjoy nature and maybe see some local wildlife.

Here in the Midwest where our headquarters is located, it’s a common sight to see people canoeing and kayaking all summer long. You can tell they’re having fun—you can hear the laughter and excitement in their voices.

A little boy sits on a log next to his canoe and a Bending Branches paddle at the lakeshore

Canoeing and kayaking provide wonderful family time! (photo courtesy of Damon Bungard)

Non-profit organizations of all kinds use canoeing and kayaking in their programming. These groups are specialists at providing fun paddling experiences. Some work with people with a range of disabilities. Others help give women more confidence in the outdoors or to get kids out paddling.

We’ve loved being a part of that since we started to build canoe paddles back in the early 1980s. Whether folks are out there with their own gear or they’re renting from an outfitter, we’re grateful to be a small part of the experiences that paddlers are enjoying so much.

Multi-day and Wilderness Canoe Trips Memories

We know the kind of beating paddles can take when in the wilderness for days or weeks on end. And we know canoeists need to be confident in their gear when they’re out there.

Bending Branches makes some of the lightest and most reliable paddles in the industry, paddles canoeists trust to keep them going in the toughest conditions—and bring back amazing and unforgettable memories.

We love that our paddles go along with groups of high school kids through YMCAs and other adventure camps into the Boundary Waters and deep into Canada. Not only are these kids building memories, they’re learning lessons that’ll carry them through the rest of their lives.

Our paddles have made trips all the way down the Mississippi River, from its source in northern Minnesota to the Gulf delta. They’ve been on expeditions from Minneapolis to Hudson Bay. Through the Scottish Highlands and Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Along Alaska’s Inside Passage and through France.

man portaging in Scotland with packs and Bending Branches paddles

Our paddles can take on any wilderness trip (photo courtesy of Ian Finch)

One family spent 73 continuous days in Canada’s Northwest Territories in their canoes with our paddles. Can you imagine their memories?

Recreational and Tournament Kayak Fishing Adventures

In 2011 we were the first company in the world to introduce kayak paddles specifically designed for kayak fishing. Since then, we’ve worked hard to offer kayak anglers, from beginner to professional, one of their most important tools for their fishing enjoyment and success.

Kayak fishing is a growing sport for its accessibility and affordability. Anglers love how a kayak and a paddle bring them to waters not fishable from the shore or bigger boats. They love the serenity, the closeness to nature and quiet moments. Many of them find it wonderfully therapeutic in coping with day-to-day pressures, dealing with grief or finding a way to handle PTSD.

Others love the adventures they have catching new species of fish, or fishing in dream destinations. Parents and grandparents get to teach their kids and grandkids and see their little world expand.

man holds a fish he just caught kayak fishing

(photo courtesy of Reggie Chapa Photography)

We get to help inspire and go along with these anglers as they fulfill their desires wherever in the world they are.

Outings with Family and Friends

People love to canoe and kayak together! It’s such a fun activity that’s available to all ages and abilities. Parents and their kids, siblings, couples, work groups, friend groups—anyone can spend time together on the water having adventures and making memories—that includes with your dogs!

mom and little son paddle a canoe together

Canoeing is a wonderful family activity

We often get to hear about these experiences from our customers, which we love! It makes us feel a part of their lives too in a small way. Like the couple who decided to canoe to their island wedding site. We don’t imagine that experience will ever be forgotten by anyone involved!

We got the story of one woman’s first kayak excursion. She loved it so much she joined a local kayak meet-up group and has met new friends. Another story came from a woman who learned firsthand the challenge of wilderness canoeing tripping with Type 1 diabetes.

woman holds up a big bass she just caught kayak fishing

(photo courtesy of Adam and Blake Cawley)

See what we mean?

We don’t just make paddles. We help inspire all kinds of outdoor adventures for all kinds of people. We get to be part of their experiences, their photos and videos, and their memories.

That’s a pretty cool purpose!

How can our friendly Customer Service Team help you with your paddle questions today? Contact them: 715-755-3405 • [email protected]

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