Top Kayak Fishing Spots in Europe

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Bending Branches ProStaffer Dennis Kieselhorst shares his favorite kayak fishing destination in his native Germany as well as other top spots in northern Europe. If you’re one of the growing number of European kayak anglers out there, these will give you some great ideas…

Dennis Kieselhorst in his fishing kayak with a huge pike

Dennis Kieselhorst, Germany native and Branches team member

Dennis has been immersed in kayak fishing for over 12 years, including in his family’s business. He’s fished in many parts of the world and loves to share his knowledge and enjoyment with others.

Here’s our interview with Dennis:

BRANCHES: Where is your favorite local kayak fishing spot?

DENNIS: My favorite local spot is one of Germany's major rivers, which flows through my hometown of Bremen in northern Germany.

The river is called Weser. It is one of the six largest and most important rivers in Germany. It is 451 km long (280 miles), making it the longest river that flows through Germany in its entire length.

map of Germany with Bremen circled in red

Germany’s Weser River flows through Bremen on its way to the North Sea

River fishing is a lot of fun, but there is a long closed season here, which runs from January 1st to June 1st. The best times for fishing the Weser are the start of the season in June and the whole of autumn when the fish start to stuff their bellies for the winter.

The Weser is known for a very good population of zander (Europe’s walleye cousin, for us North Americans). There are also a lot of big perch, and with a bit of luck you can catch big pike.

Dennis with a huge pike on the River Weser

Not bad! Fishing on Germany’s Weser River

BRANCHES: Where else in your part of Europe do you like to fish?

DENNIS: Europe has many great locations for fishing. There are three countries that are among my absolute favourites—the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway.

Dennis in a fishing kayak with a nice zander

Dennis with a nice Netherlands zander

I can reach the border to the Netherlands in an hour by car. You have to keep in mind that Germany is not huge and has a total of nine neighboring countries: Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Fishing in the Netherlands is a highly respected sport with simple rules and a wide range of waters to choose from.

view from the kayak of a small farm with a windmill

One of the Netherland’s famous windmills

Sweden is fantastically beautiful with endless forests and many great lakes that beg to be discovered by kayak. The further north you drive in Sweden, the more beautiful and lonely it gets.

man and dog on a fishing kayak, poling along

Dennis and his dog on a fishing trip in Sweden

Norway blows your mind and is one of the most beautiful spots in Europe. Beautiful mountains, amazing waterfalls and breathtaking fjords. Fishing for halibut from a kayak is an especially great challenge!

Halibut fishing in Norway is done along the coast. Many other species of fish can be caught in the fjords. We also fish for pike on the freshwater lakes of Norway.

kayak angler with a halibut

Halibut fishing in Norway

BRANCHES: What’s the Status of Kayak Fishing in Europe?

DENNIS: Kayak fishing in Europe is booming! We are always a few years behind the USA, but meanwhile kayak fishing has reached the same status in many European countries.

There are no major kayak fishing organizations in Europe like in the USA, though. Maybe a few small clubs in countries like Spain and France so far.

BRANCHES: Which are your favorite kayaks and paddles?

DENNIS: I own several kayaks that I use in different areas:

My favorite paddles are the Angler Pro and Angler Pro Carbon (NOTE: each is available with either a snap-button ferrule or our Versa-Lok™ adjustable-length ferrule). A great Bending Branches paddle is essential on the water—they are the best paddles in the world!

Dennis stands in his fishing kayak on a small river

Learn more about Dennis and kayak fishing in Europe on his website or on his social platforms: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

All photos courtesy of Dennis Kieselhorst.

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