Why Use a Top-of-the-Line Kayak Paddle with a Pedal Fishing Kayak?

3-minute read + 7-minute video

Kayak angler and host of YouTube’s The Florida Bass Paddler, Bill Sikora talks about why he uses Branches’ high-performance Angler Pro kayak paddle in his pedal kayak.

Paddle with a Pedal Kayak

(photo courtesy of Five2Nine)

After buying his pedal fishing kayak, Bill’s question was, “Why spend money on a top-shelf paddle when you have a pedal kayak?” You may be thinking the same thing.

Bill explains his reasoning in this video, and then goes into why he loves using Bending Branches’ Angler Pro kayak paddle:

Why You’ll Still Use a Paddle Even with a Pedal Kayak

Even if you own a pedal kayak, you’ll still use a paddle in some circumstances:

  • When there’s a lot of aquatic vegetation in the waters you fish, a paddle won’t get tangled in it like a pedal system will.
  • A paddle will take you through shallower waters than the pedal mechanisms can go.
  • Paddling is quieter, making it less likely you’ll scare fish away.
    If you stand to fish, you can move around with your paddle, but you’ll have to sit back down to maneuver with your pedals.

(Thanks to yakgear.com for their insights, too)

The Benefits of a “Top Shelf” Kayak Paddle

There are three main reasons Bill loves his Angler Pro.

The first is the adjustable-length ferrule—the option to adjust the length of his paddle. If you have an adjustable-seat kayak, an adjustable-length paddle is a must-have. If you have kayaks with different widths, an adjustable-length paddle means you only need one paddle.

(NOTE: Since Bill produced this video, we’ve replaced the Plus ferrule with the Versa-Lok™ ferrule system. It gives the same 15 cm adjustability with an even more secure and easy-to-use mechanism.)

The second reason Bill loves the Angler Pro is it’s weight—or rather, lack of weight. At just 29 ounces, this paddle is feather-light. No matter how much paddling he does on a day of fishing, it’s easy on his shoulders and less fatiguing than any other paddle he’s used.

man in a pedal kayak using a paddle through the water vegetation

(photo by Open Road Visuals)

The third reason the Angler Pro is Bill’s favorite paddle: the oversized blades are durable and push a lot of water. That means no extra effort when moving back and forth to your fishing spots.

Take a look at all our AnglerPro models:

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