How to Load Your Kayak on Your Vehicle [Video]

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Kayak Bass Fishing’s Chad Hoover covers how to load your fishing kayak on your vehicle in this video, with the help of his wife, Kristie.

A common question Chad gets is: “How do I load my kayak onto the top of my car?” Watch this video for some great tips that make it easy—even if you’re petite and your kayak is heavy. You never have to lift the whole weight of your kayak at once.

Take a look:

Step 1: Front End of Your Kayak Up

Pick up the bow of your kayak, get under it and walk it up to the top of your car and let it set there. The stern should be resting on the ground, and your kayak should be perpendicular to the car.

Key tip: You don’t have to put your kayak on your car longways first!

Step 2: Rear End of Your Kayak Up

Lifting with your legs, not your back (you want to do this for years to come!), lift the stern up and rest your kayak on top of the vehicle so it’s still perpendicular to it.

Obviously, you’ll need plenty of room around your car to do this. And hold onto the stern tightly so you don’t accidentally push it off the other side.

loading kayak on vehicle

Step 3: Turn Your Kayak so the Bow Faces Forward

On whichever side is easiest for you to reach, turn your kayak so the bow faces toward the front of your car. Then go to the stern, bring it over and line it up so it’s sitting in the center of your car’s roof.

Step 4: Tie Your Kayak Down

With whatever your preferred system is, tie your kayak down securely and you’re ready to go. (Want some tie-down tips? Check out this article from REI…scroll down to “How to Tie Down a Kayak”)

Get Your Kayak Off Your Vehicle

To get your kayak down, simply reverse the steps:

  • Untie the straps
  • Grab the stern and swivel it over so your kayak is perpendicular to the car
  • Pull the stern towards you and rest it on the ground
  • Get under your kayak and lift the bow, turning it towards whichever side the water is on, and walk it back down until it’s resting on the ground.

If you don’t have crossbars that protect the top of your car, you can use a wet towel or a piece of cardboard to prevent damage while you’re loading up.

load kayak on vehicle

That’s all there is to it!

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