Bending Branches' Lineup of Kayak Fishing Paddles

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Bending Branches’ line of kayak fishing paddles has been developed over several years by talking to kayak anglers to find out what they most want in a paddle.

 man preparing his kayak for fishing; Angler Drift in foreground

(photo courtesy of Reggie Chapa)


As a kayak angler, your paddle is an indispensable tool that provides both the motor and the ability to position yourself precisely where you want to be to catch and land fish.

Bending Branches’ line of kayak fishing paddles has been developed over several years by talking to kayak anglers to find out what they most want in a paddle.

We’ve designed, tweaked, tested, listened and tweaked some more (and will continue the process) to produce our Kayak Angler Series. We believe you can’t find better options no matter what your experience or budget is. We have a kayak fishing paddle that’s perfect for you.

As you go through this list, you’ll notice that as the paddle goes up in price point, it goes down in weight. That’s due to the materials we use at each level.

You’ll also notice these paddles area available with either a snap-button or Versa-Lok ferrule system. The snap-button is your traditional basic ferrule. The Versa-Lok gives you both more feathering options and an adjustable-length option. That’s super handy if you have an adjustable-height seat on your kayak or use different boats (read more about that here).

 two men paddling fishing kayaks

(photo courtesy of Reggie Chapa)

Having the right paddle gets you to those great fishing spots easier, quicker and with less strain on your body. And with the extra features our paddles have, it’ll be one of your most usable tools for more than just paddling.

Each of the following Angler series paddles is available in several different lengths. For help choosing the right length for you, refer to our Kayak Fishing Paddle Sizing Guide.

Let’s take a look…

Bending Branches’ Line of Kayak Fishing Paddles

Angler Drift—Our most affordable kayak fishing paddle, priced at only $129.95, the Drift features an ovalized aluminum shaft with a snap-button ferrule. The blades are sturdy fiberglass-reinforced nylon. The Drift is available with Tidal Blue or Electric Green blades.

Angler Classic—This paddle is the best-selling kayak fishing paddle on the market, and for good reason. It gives you all the bells and whistles our high-end fishing paddles do, at a price any kayak fisherman can afford. The snap-button ferrule model is priced at $169.95, and the Versa-Lok ferrule model is $194.95. The shaft is ovalized fiberglass with a built-in tape measure—a little lighter, and warmer on your hands. The blades are fiberglass-reinforced nylon. Available with either Tidal Blue or Electric Green blades.

Angler Ace—A big step up is the Ace, a truly phenomenal fishing paddle. It features a tape measure in inches. The all-carbon shaft is extremely durable and light, and is available with both a snap-button ferrule ($234.95) and Versa-Lok ferrule ($259.95). The blades are carbon-reinforced nylon for extra toughness and effortless pull through the water.

Angler Navigator—Old-school Bending Branches beauty meets the modern-day needs of serious kayak anglers in this combination of carbon and rich woods. The shaft is 100% carbon with the built-in tape measure. The blades are a blend of red alder, roasted basswood and basswood, tipped with our super-durable Rockgard® edge protection and reinforced with fiberglass. The snap-button model is $359.95 and the Versa-Lok model is $384.95.

 woman with a nice fish, caught from her fishing kayak

(photo courtesy of Guillermo Gonzalez)

Angler Pro—Our highest quality, best-looking kayak fishing paddle. In fact, it’s won Kayak Fishing Paddle-of-the-Year six times. It’s a world-class paddle for the serious angler who demands the best. The Pro’s 100% carbon shaft features a dual tape measure and is available in both snap-button ferrule ($349.95) and the adjustable Versa-Lok Ferrule ($374.95). The blades are multi-laminate fiberglass and come in three eye-catching patterns: Radiant, Copperhead and Glowtek.

Angler Pro Carbon—Exactly the same as our Angler Pro except the blades are crafted out of multi-laminate carbon for an even lighter paddle. In fact, it’s the lightest kayak fishing paddle available. The snap-button model sells for $449.95 and the Versa-Lok ferrule model sells for $474.95.

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