How to Rig Your Kayak for Fishing [Video]

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Flukemaster and Bending Branches ProStaffer, Gene Jensen, teaches how to rig your kayak for fishing, especially if you want to fish tournaments.

man kayak fishing in a rocky river, red kayak

(photo courtesy of Jamison Redding)

In this video, Gene covers both a basic rigging system for beginners and a “sky is the limit” system for advanced kayak anglers.

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Buy & Wear a Fishing-Specific PFD

Your life jacket, or PFD (Personal Flotation Device), is your most important gear item, hands down.

“People lose their lives every single week because they’re in their kayak and they don’t wear their PFD,” says Gene.

If you plan to fish all day, don’t skimp on your PFD! Buy one that fits you well and is comfortable enough to wear all day. Fishing-specific PFDs have lots of extra features for anglers that you’ll find very handy.

Get a Good Kayak Paddle

Spend at least $100 on your paddle. You don’t want a cheap paddle to ruin a great day of fishing because it breaks, flexes too much or is clunky to use.

Our best-selling kayak fishing paddle is the Angler Classic. In fact, it’s the best-selling kayak fishing on the market today! It’s available with a snap-button ferrule for $159.95 or our Versa-Lok adjustable-length ferrule system for $184.95.

Are you an experienced kayak angler who’s ready for a feather-light, high-performance paddle? You’ll want to take a look at our our collection of high-end kayak fishing paddles: The Angler Ace, Angler Navigator and Angler Pro models. See them here.

how to rig your fishing kayak

Tackle Box Storage System

If you’re just starting out, a $6 milk crate will do just fine to store your tackle boxes. Gene suggests going to YouTube to search for a video on how people use them on their kayaks—there are hundreds of videos out there.

If you’re ready for pro-level storage, Gene loves YakAttack’s BlackPak. It holds all Gene’s tackle and has three built-in rod holders. He likes his rod holders behind him rather than on the side of his kayak so they don’t interfere with his paddling.

Advanced Kayak Rigging for Tournaments

Gene lays out his choices for advanced kayak rigging:

  • A good kayak fishing PFD.
  • A good kayak paddle—“a really good paddle.” Remember, your paddle is your motor. The lighter and more efficient it is, the better your days on the water.
  • Fish finder with battery pack and case. He loves his set-up because it’s self-contained without wires running through the boat.
  • A “junk drawer” full of snacks, sunscreen, water, etc. right under his seat for easy access.
  • A good net that’s out of the way but easily accessible. Gene likes YakAttack’s Leverage Landing Net.
  • The BlackPak with tackle boxes and rod holders.
  • Omega Rod Holders, one of each side of the BlackPak. Lots of rods!
  • Anchor Wizard and kettle bell anchor.
  • Power Pole Micro Anchor with their new ultra-light spike.
  • Gene uses an electric motor on big, choppy water to get to his spot quickly. And when he fishes with his kids, he’ll use the motor to get to his kids quickly when they need his help.
  • The key is to keep everything in its place and not in the way of your paddling or fishing.

how to rig your fishing kayak

This rigging system is expensive and definitely not all necessary. But if you love kayak fishing, spend a lot of time at it and want to get into regular tournaments, these are Gene’s suggestions to consider for rigging your own kayak for fishing.

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