Bending Branches’ High-Visibility Kayak Paddles

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The benefit of a high-visibility kayak paddle is just what the name implies—it helps make you, the kayaker, highly visible to others.

kayak anglers with hi-viz paddles

(photo courtesy of @chapa_texasranger)

Accidents on the water aren’t common, but they do happen. The best way to avoid being hit by a bigger, faster boat is to be easily seen. Bright colors are the answer to high visibility on lakes, rivers and oceans. This is especially important in weather that produces low visibility conditions like rain and fog.

Visibility is also of supreme importance if you’re ever in the unfortunate position of needing to be rescued while on the water. The last thing you want is for a rescue team to be unable to find you because you blend in with your natural surroundings.

Your kayak, PFD and clothing can all contribute to high visibility, as can your kayak paddle blades.

Bending Branches makes a number of kayak paddles with high-visibility blades:

High-Visibility Kayak Paddles for Recreational Kayaking

Four of our recreational kayak paddles come in high-viz colors:

Sunrise Glass pairs a lightweight fiberglass shaft with polypropylene blades that are available in either lemon yellow or lime green. It’s a great all-purpose paddle, suitable for all types of kayaking. It has a tight-fitting snap-button ferrule system for feathering angles of 0º or 60º and sells for $119.95.

Bounce is a great all-around kayak paddle for the casual paddler. It has an e-coated aluminum shaft with bright yellow polypropylene blades. It’s snap-button ferrule can feather to 0º or 60º. It sells for $89.95.

kayakers with hi-viz paddles

Sunrise Glass kayak paddle (photo courtesy of @mackinackayak)

Slice Hybrid has a 100% carbon shaft that shaves 5 ounces off the total weight making a very light paddle. It’s epX engineered polymer fiberglass-reinforced high-angle blades come in bright orange. The Slice Hybrid is available in both snap-button ferrule or our Plus Telescoping adjustable-length ferrule. It sells for $129.95 and $149.95. (NOTE: THE SLICE HYBRID IS DISCONTINUED IN 2022)

Slice Glass is identical to the Slice Hybrid except its shaft is fiberglass. Same high-angle blade shape, same high-viz orange color, same ferrule options—snap-button or Plus Telescoping adjustable-length. This Slice Glass is $109.95 and $129.95. (NOTE: THE SLICE GLASS IS DISCONTINUED IN 2022)

High-Visibility Kayak Paddles for Kayak Fishing

Angler Pro in Glowtek and Copperhead are considered high-viz. This is our top-of-the-line kayak fishing paddle, available in either snap-button or Versa-Lok adjustable-length ferrules. The 100% carbon shaft makes it feather-light and the Glowtek and Copperhead color patterns in the compression-molded fiberglass blades make it truly eye-popping. $324.95 and $349.95.

Angler Classic is the best-selling kayak fishing paddle on the market. It features a fiberglass shaft with fiberglass-reinforced nylon high-angle blades. Electric Green is the high-viz color. It’s available in both snap-button and Versa-Lok adjustable-length ferrule for $159.95 and $184.95.

Angler Drift is an affordable yet still durable and high-performance paddle. It has the same fiberglass-reinforced nylon high-angle blades, this time with an aluminum shaft. Choose Electric Green for high-visibility. It’s priced at $119.95.

bending branches' angler pro glowtek

Angler Pro in Glowtek (photo courtesy of @bradhicksfishing)

Here are a couple other articles with great advice on why high visibility is important for kayakers and what colors are the best for hi-viz:

Be safe out there!

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