Paddling Education

The Most Basic Canoe Strokes to Master

Canoeing isn’t rocket science! But it’s a whole lot easier and more enjoyable when you’ve mastered a few basic strokes…

A Quick Guide to Alabama’s Canoe Trails

Alabama's diverse paddling trails range from dark, alligator-infested bayous to raging whitewater rivers.

World-Class Canoeing in the Boundary Waters

The world-class canoeing and backcountry camping of the Boundary Waters is a must for every canoeist’s list. Check out what makes this area so famous…

Top 6 Photography Tips for Wilderness Canoeing

Dawn LaPointe is a professional nature photographer and co-owner of Radiant Spirit Gallery in Duluth, Minnesota. Here she gives us her top six photography tips for “paddle-ographers”…

Canoe Camping in the Sierra Nevadas of California

If you don’t mind dressing for cool weather, spring canoe camping in the Sierra Nevadas means all the beauty without all the crowds…

Bending Branches’ Expedition Plus Canoe Paddle

The Expedition Plus is the ultimate wilderness canoe paddle. It’s designed for long days on the water…for multiple days in a row…in tough conditions.

When Paddling Trips Go Awry: Can We Prepare for the Unexpected?

We paddle because we love it. We love being on the water, being in nature, combining it with other outdoor activities like camping and hiking. It’s relaxing…it’s exhilarating…it’s fun.

4 Kentucky Canoe Trails That Make For Great Overnight Paddling Trips
There’s nothing quite like summer in Kentucky—with the gorge, the sunsets, and the warm weather we’ve longed for all winter long, it’s the best season. And with outdoor activities ranging from boating and fishing to hiking and camping, it can be hard to decide what to do...
How to Repair a Wooden Canoe Paddle [Video]

Jason Eke, Canadian canoeist and filmmaker, shares his process for repairing a wooden canoe paddle so it looks and performs as good as new…

Canoeing in the Black Hills

Canoeing isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the Black Hills—at least not for Minnesotans like me! But with lakes, rivers and reservoirs scattered throughout this beautiful area, it’s sure worth looking into.

Can I Get an Unfinished Wood Paddle?

Our Customer Service Team is here to answer your questions and help you in any way we can. Here are a couple questions we get occasionally…

Canoe Camping: Bear Safety

Knowing bear safety is an important part of canoe camping when you’re in bear territory. Here are some tips to keep in mind...As our friends at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources say: “The best way to avoid bear problems is to not attract them in the first place.”

Canoe & Kayak Paddling Safety Essentials

Know and follow these basic safety tips so you can fully enjoy paddling for a lifetime.

BWCA Canoe Trip Success with a Toddler

If you’re a parent you know life with a toddler is often unpredictable. Bringing said toddler into the Boundary Waters for a canoe trip adds a whole new level of unpredictability!

“Stream Map USA” App for Anglers, Canoeists and Kayakers

Stream Map USA is a powerful app from Gogal Publishing Company that guides you to and around every stream, river, pond and lake in the continental US.

Wooden Canoe Paddles: Brawn + Beauty

Wooden canoe paddles have a long history in canoeing. Wood was the original material used in paddles by the Native Americans, as well as the fur trading Voyageurs.

Life Jacket (PFD) Use for Canoes and Kayaks

Your personal flotation device (PFD)—commonly called a life jacket—is the most important safety feature of your paddling experience. Don’t take it lightly!

The Best Canoe Trip Packs

After your canoe, your canoe trip packs are the biggest investment you’ll make.

Rockgard® - Protects your Paddle

Durability. Beauty. Performance. When designing our world class canoe and kayak paddles, these three things are always front of mind. It’s what our customer’s value and what sets us apart.

Canoe Paddles for the Boundary Waters

Bending Branches makes several different canoe paddles specifically designed for expedition trips, like those you’ll take in the Boundary Waters.

Canoe Strokes: The J-Stroke

Once the J-stroke is mastered, you'll feel much more in control of your canoe.