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Our Best-Selling BB Special Canoe Paddle
Bending Branches’ BB Special bent shaft paddle—our best selling wood canoe paddle—is designed for flatwater cruising. It provides great quality at a great value.
What’s in a Bending Branches Canoe Paddle?

Here at Bending Branches we take great pride in designing and crafting our wooden canoe and kayak paddles. Our passion and attention to detail result in paddles we believe lead the industry in both beauty and performance.

Wilderness Canoe Trips with Type 1 Diabetes
For those of us who are generally in good health, we tend to think of health on wilderness canoe trips as it relates to emergency situations. “What will we do if someone gets injured?” But for those who live with ongoing health issues like diabetes, wilderness canoe tripping is a whole different ballgame.
Our 14 Top Gift Picks for the Paddlers on Your List
With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, we wanted to give you 14 of our top gift picks for all the paddlers on your list! Whether your friends and loved ones canoe, kayak or stand-up paddle board, you’ll find some great ideas here…
A Canoe Trip in the Heart of the Scottish Highlands
Photographer Ian Finch and his buddy, Jamie Barnes, recently embarked on a canoe trip into the heart of the Scottish Highlands. Upon their return, Ian told us about their trip and shared with us some of his gorgeous pictures.
Dehydrate Your Own Canoe Trip Food
Dehydrating your own food for wilderness canoe trips is a great option if you have the desire and the time to do it.
Fall Wilderness Canoe Tripping: Be Safe
Heading into the wilderness on a canoe trip in the fall conjurs up images of pristine lakes, dazzling fall colors, crisp mornings, warm campfires…and no bugs!…but there are safety considerations to keep in mind that don’t come into play during the summer months.
How to Choose a Canoe Paddle

Here at Bending Branches, our Canoe Paddle page lists many different options. Don’t let that scare you, though! Here’s how you can zero in on the one that’s right for you.


Why Paddling Locally is Wonderful, Too
It seems to be human nature to dream about canoeing or kayaking in far off, exotic places. Somehow we think it’s better than paddling the waters in our own backyard.
How to Shuttle Kayaks, Canoes & People with Social Distance in Mind
We’re dying to get out on the water after weeks of quarantine…but still want to practice safe social distancing. How do we do that?
6 Ways Canoeing and Kayaking are Ideal Social Distancing Activities

Of all the great ways to get active outside in these times of social distancing, canoeing and kayaking are a couple of the best! Here’s why…


Celebrating 50 Years of Maine’s Allagash Waterway: A Family Tradition

The Calverley/Arnold family of Maine has been canoeing the Allagash Waterway for 50 years. Daughter, Alison, tells us their story…


How to Canoe and Kayak with Your Dog

Want to turn your pup into your faithful paddling partner? Here are some tips from canoeists and kayakers who’ve done just that…

The Making of the Catalyst

"We’re saving wood from the firebox and we’re one step closer to making this world a better place."

Passing On the Canoeing Love: From Dad to Daughter

17-year old Emily Hanson just completed a 34-day wilderness canoe trip with four fellow campers and their guide. Her dad, Larry, couldn’t be prouder!

Wilderness Canoe Trip: Surviving a Grizzly Attack

Alex Messenger was between his junior and senior year of high school when he went on a 600-mile canoe trip in the Canadian wilderness. It turned into a much more life-changing trip than he had anticipated…

Wilderness Canoe Short Film: “Finding Rhythm”

Bending Branches recently partnered with Canoe There’s canoe-loving team for the short film “Finding Rhythm.” Join them on their wilderness canoe trip…

A Folding Canoe? Yes! Here are Your Options

You may or may not have ever heard of folding canoes—but they’ve been around since the 1970s. They may be a great option for you! Here’s the scoop…

Boundary Waters Canoe Record Shattered

Two Minnesota men broke the “Kruger-Waddell Challenge” speed record—a 200+ mile canoe route through Voyageurs National Park and the Boundary Waters—by more than 10 hours…

The Complete Guide to Our Canoe Paddle Grips

Bending Branches’ canoe paddles are made with a variety of grip designs. Each design  functions in a slightly different way. Here’s your complete guide to understanding canoe paddle grips…

Growing Old Together: A Canoeist and His Paddle

Minnesota canoeist, Roy Erickson, has used the same Bending Branches paddle for almost 30 years on his trips into the Boundary Waters and Quetico…