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Every canoe and kayak paddle we build is made to last. But durability isn’t our only concern. Bending Branches paddles are beautiful, comfortable and efficient.

Bending Branches Canoe Paddles

We’re proud to be a “Made in the USA” company. Every wood paddle we make is handcrafted right at our shop in Northwestern Wisconsin, in the town of Osceola.

We make canoe paddles for the cabin, the river or the wilderness. For a short paddle on a local lake or a weeks-long wilderness trip.

We use locally-sourced woods like alder, basswood and maple. These woods are both durable and light, and we’re able to provide the highest strength-to-weight ratio in the industry.

Our proprietary Rockgard® edge protection that we apply to the tips and edges of our wood paddle blades adds 6 times more life than for those paddles without it. Then we put a fiberglass wrap on most of our models for even more protection.

We optimize our blade shapes to reduce flutter, and we combine wood colors and patterns for striking beauty. The ovalized shafts and comfortable grips mean you can hold that paddle for hours at a time.

canoeists with bending branches paddles

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We offer both straight shaft and bent shaft canoe paddles. And for the most ergonomic of all, one model with a double bend in the shaft.

If sleek black and ultra-light is more your style, we have carbon options for you, too.

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Bending Branches Kayak Fishing Paddles

We’ve been working with the industry’s top kayak anglers for several years to develop and craft the best kayak fishing paddles in the world for every budget.

Whether an angler is new to the sport, already does local and regional tournaments, or makes his or her living from kayak fishing, we have a paddle for each one.

We start with solid shaft materials from aluminum to fiberglass to carbon. We add solid blade materials like epX engineered polymer, compression-molded fiberglass and carbon. For the traditionalists, we make a wood kayak fishing paddle, too.

bending branches kayak fishing paddles

We offer two different types of ferrule systems, traditional snap-button and our Plus ferrule for up to 10 cm of length adjustment. Then we add special features like a hook retrieval system and tape measure on the shaft.

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Bending Branches’ Recreational Kayak Paddles

Our line of recreational kayak paddles are widely used by both outfitters and individuals. They’re loved for their reliability, comfort and craftsmanship.

Like our kayak fishing paddles, we make our recreational kayak paddles from a range of materials including aluminum, fiberglass, and carbon. Or if you love the beauty and feel of wood, we handcraft a couple wood models, too. Unlike the heavy, clunky box store paddles, they all feel comfortable and light in your hands.

kayakers with bending branches rec kayak paddles

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We offer two ferrule systems, the snug-fitting snap-button and our Plus ferrule, which allows for more feathering angles and makes your paddle’s length adjustable for up to 10 cm.

We even make a kid-size kayak paddle, perfect for the family cabin.

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Want to learn more about Bending Branches? See our About page to watch a video, learn our Core Values and see our history timeline.

What paddle questions can we help you with? Contact our friendly Customer Service team today: 715-755-3405 • [email protected]

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