Bending Branches 101

Every paddle we build is made to last. Durability isn't our only concern however. Bending Branches paddles are also comfortable, beautiful and efficient.

All Bending Branches Wood Canoe Paddles are Hand-Crafted in Osceola WI, USA


  • Laminate in Shaft.
  • 2 or 4 oz Fiberglass Wrapping is Applied on the Blade of Most Models for Greater Protection.
  • Our Proprietary Rockgard® - Prolongs the Life of the Canoe Paddle 6 Times Longer than a Paddle Without it.
  • Comfortable Grips.
  • Ovalized Shaft.
  • Only the Lightest Most Durable Woods are Used in Our Paddles, Providing the Highest Strength to Weight Ratio in the Industry.
  • Optimum Blade Shape Design to Reduce Flutter.