How to Make Perfect Canoe Trip Coffee

make perfect canoe trip coffee

Want to go on a wilderness canoe trip but don’t want to sacrifice your good coffee each morning? You can learn how to make perfect canoe trip coffee for all your expeditions—the old-fashioned way.

Those of us who look forward to our morning coffee at home or work also look forward to it in the backcountry. It fits right in with the lakeside campsite and the birds singing in the trees overhead. It’s especially welcome in the crisp mornings of autumn and if we happen to hit a cool, rainy spell.

Our friends at Canoeroots produced this short video showing us how to make great backcountry coffee, traditionally known as Cowboy Coffee.

Take a look:

No French Press Needed for Perfect Canoe Trip Coffee

The main ingredients for great wilderness coffee are:

  • A small, hot fire or camp stove and a flat surface to rest your coffee pot
  • A metal camping coffee pot that can sit over open flame
  • Ground coffee for everyone in your group
  • Filtered water from the lake

boiling coffee over the campfire

If you have plenty of available firewood and time, go ahead and build a fire. Let the coals get nice and hot. If there’s not much quality firewood near your campsite or your area is under a campfire ban, take out your camp stove for this.

Add enough water in the pot for the coffee drinkers in your group. Bring it to a boil. Take it off the fire while you add the coffee grounds, about a tablespoon per person or a half cup for a full 8-cup pot. Then put the pot back on the fire and let it simmer for about 5 minutes.

How to Keep the Grounds Out of Your Cup

To avoid the grounds getting into your cup, you have your choice of two techniques:

1. For the Adventurous—Well away from your trip mates, take your coffee pot by the handle (with a protective glove on) and carefully bring it into a full-circle swing. Swing a few times and let physics force the grounds to the bottom of the pot.

make canoe trip coffee - getting the grounds to settle

2. For the Safety-Minded—Put a tablespoon of freezing water into the pot and tap the sides. The grounds will sink to the bottom. Where to get the freezing water is, of course, the question. No problem if the weather is chilly and the lake is cold!

Do you like your coffee with cream? Here’s a list of suggested powered coffee creamers, both sweetened and unsweetened.

You now have perfect canoe trip coffee, ready to enjoy by the lake or around the fire!

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