Paddling Education

Canoe Camping with Your Dog

So you want to bring your dog canoe camping. Sounds like a great adventure! Here are a few things to keep in mind before you head out…

Going Full Circle

Getting back to my roots was the biggest blessing of 2020.

73-Day Family Canoe Trip in the Northwest Territories
In the summer of 2019, Dwane Roberg and Sarah Carty, along with their two young children and two dogs, embarked on a wilderness canoe trip that would total 73 days.
Kayak Paddle Ferrule Systems: Snap-Button vs. Plus Telescoping

Bending Branches offers two different ferrule systems for many of our kayak fishing and recreational kayak paddles. We’ll compare them here, but first…

Learn Three Basic Kayak Strokes [Video]

Whether you’re a recreational kayaker or a kayak angler, learn some basic paddle strokes and your time on the water will be more efficient and much more enjoyable.

Learn to Kayak Fish Big Bodies of Water [Video]

Bending Branches’ ProStaffer, Chad Hoover of Kayak Bass Fishing, tells us his best tips for fishing big bodies of water. You don’t have to be intimidated by them…

YouTube Kayak Fishing Channels for Angling Tips & Tricks
Several of the anglers on our Bending Branches ProStaff team have YouTube channels focused on helping you
How to Size a Canoe, Kayak or SUP Paddle from Home

There are a couple key questions to ask when sizing a paddle for kayak fishing:

  1. How wide is my fishing kayak?
  2. Does it have an adjustable-height seat?
Why Paddling Locally is Wonderful, Too
It seems to be human nature to dream about canoeing or kayaking in far off, exotic places. Somehow we think it’s better than paddling the waters in our own backyard.
How to Shuttle Kayaks, Canoes & People with Social Distance in Mind
We’re dying to get out on the water after weeks of quarantine…but still want to practice safe social distancing. How do we do that?
Bending Branches’ Angler Classic vs. Angler Ace

Our Angler Classic and Angler Ace kayak fishing paddles are both extremely popular paddles our customers love. What’s the difference between them?

How to Choose the Right Paddle for Kayak Fishing
After you have found the right kayak for yourself, the second most important decision for beginners of kayak fishing is: what is the right paddle for me?
6 Ways Canoeing & Kayaking are Ideal Social Distancing Activities

Of all the great ways to get active outside in these times of social distancing, canoeing and kayaking are a couple of the best! Here’s why…


Build a Wooden Kayak, Part 4 [Video]

Here we bring you the final installment of Jason Eke’s video series on how to build your own wooden kayak…


Bending Branches’ Angler Classic Kayak Fishing Paddle

Bending Branches’ Angler Classic kayak fishing paddle is the best-selling kayak fishing paddle in the world! Here’s why…

Retailer/Outfitter Spotlight: Piragis of Ely, Minnesota

Piragis Northwoods Company is a well-known fixture in Ely, Minnesota—one of the main gateways to the Boundary Waters. This family-owned business has been an outdoor retailer and canoe outfitter since 1979…

Gear Up for Your First Kayak Fishing Tournament Season

So you’re a kayak angler who wants to get into the tournament scene. Here’s how to get started, with Kayak Bassin’s Chad Hoover…


Kayaking at Rock Island State Park in Tennessee
Rock Island State Park, located in Warren County in Tennessee, is an 883-acre park located on the headwaters of Center Hill Lake at the confluence of the Caney Fork, Collins and Rocky Rivers. The immense beauty of the park includes the Caney Fork Gorge that sits stoically below the Great Falls Dam.
Outfitter Spotlight: Kayak Gozo

Kayak Gozo brings their guests on kayak tours around the sunny Mediterranean islands of Gozo and Comino, part of the Maltese archipelago. Co-owners Chris and Kristie tell us about their touring business…

Celebrating 50 Years of Maine’s Allagash Waterway: A Family Tradition

The Calverley/Arnold family of Maine has been canoeing the Allagash Waterway for 50 years. Daughter, Alison, tells us their story…


Build Your Own Wooden Kayak, Part 3 [Video]

Here’s Part 3 of Jason Eke’s video series on how to build your own wooden kayak…