Canoe Trailers: Where to Buy and DIY

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Do you have two or more canoes you need to transport? You can either buy a canoe trailer or build one yourself. Here are some ideas…

canoe trailer with four canoes and a kayak loaded on

Even with just two canoes, loading them onto a trailer may be a better option for you than putting them up on your vehicle’s roof. It’s easier to get them on and tie them down when your feet can stay on the ground!

If you have more than two canoes, you definitely need a trailer. We don’t advise this method (found on Pinterest):

Pinterest image of an old car with five canoes strapped to the top!

What to Look For in a Canoe Trailer

You want a canoe trailer that’s solidly built and has enough “slots” for the number of canoes you have or want to transport.

The most basic type is one like this Genesis 4-place trailer that simply has the frame to tie on four canoes:

4-place canoe trailer by Genesis

4-place canoe trailer by Genesis

It’s super handy to have the canoe racks built over a box with walls, though. Then you can store your PFDs, paddles and other gear in the trailer rather than in your vehicle when you travel. Here’s an example:

three canoes on a 4-place trailer with storage box by Remackel

4-place canoe trailer with storage box by Remackel Trailers

Here’s a manufacturer that has optional secured steel boxes on their canoe trailers:

4-place canoe trailer with steel storage boxes by North Woods Sport

A 4-place canoe trailer with secure steel storage boxes by North Woods Sport Trailers

You’ll find trailers like these two examples capable of holding up to eight canoes.

Where to Buy a Canoe Trailer

These days it’s easier than ever to find a canoe trailer that fits your budget and needs. Do an online search to find a manufacturer and/or retailer in your area.

There’s always the chance you can find a used one that’s in good shape through online sources like Facebook Marketplace and Ebay. Or if there are outfitters in your area, see if they’re upgrading their fleet and selling off their older models.

Here’s a pretty thorough list of US manufacturers of multi-canoe trailers along with reviews from our friends at

Want to Build one Yourself?

Maybe you already have a trailer and can adapt it for canoes. Or you love projects. Or your budget is tight and you want to go the economic route. Building your own canoe trailer is an option.

This page on YouTube offers a handful of videos that show how individuals built or adapted their own trailer to haul canoes.

And here are a few online articles about DIY canoe trailers:

If you already own a trailer and want an easy solution to adapt it to haul two or more canoes, there are kits available for that, too:

A canoe trailer is a wonderful investment for active canoeists who regularly haul two or more boats. When it’s built well and treated well, a trailer can safely and easily transport your canoes for decades.

bow of canoe in the water with Bending Branches paddle, another canoe in front

(Photo courtesy of Forged from the Wild)

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