Paddling Education

Kayak Fishing the Amazon River
Bending Branches’ ProStaffer Jason Schall and his wife, Jennifer, kayak fish together regularly. In the fall of 2022 they took a dream fishing trip together to the Amazon River in Colombia, South America.
How to Size a Straight & Bent Shaft Canoe Paddle
Straight shaft and bent shaft canoe paddles are sized differently. Be sure you choose the size paddle that’s right for you, with help from our friends at Happy Paddlin.
Kayak vs Canoe vs Paddleboard: What’s the Best?
So, you’re trying to decide between a kayak, canoe or paddleboard. How do you know which one is best for you? Recreational paddling on any of these watercraft is lots of fun, great exercise and an ideal way to enjoy the lakes, rivers or oceans around you. And they each have their own set of pros and cons.
Our Readers’ Favorite Content of 2022
Grab your beverage-of-choice, a comfortable seat and your digital device for an overview of your favorite content of 2022 on the Bending Branches blog.
A Close Look at Branches’ Most Affordable Kayak Fishing Paddles
We’re excited about our 2023 upgrades and new product for kayak anglers. Our friend, Dan Arbuckle of Headwaters Kayak, takes viewers through these products in this review of our budget-friendly models.
Paddle4Tomorrow Gets Kids Outside
Paddle4Tomorrow (P4T) is an Atlanta-based 501c3 that connects youth with each other and the outdoors, no matter their abilities or background. We’re proud to be a supporter of this wonderful organization.
Holiday Gift Guide for Kayak Anglers & Canoeists
If you’re making a list and checking it twice, we’re here to give you some holiday gift ideas. We have lots of friends in the paddle industry we’re happy to recommend, as well as some gear of our own that your family and friends will love.
Re-Enter a Capsized Fishing Kayak
Active kayak anglers know there’s a chance, however slight, they may end up in the water for one reason or another. The best way to prepare for that is to practice flipping your kayak back over from the water and getting back on.
Bending Branches’ Explorer Plus Canoe Paddle
The Explorer Plus wood canoe paddle is one of Bending Branches’ most popular paddles due to its reliability and ease of use in any flatwater paddling environment.
Use Paddle Planner for Your Next Canoe Trip
Paddle Planner is a unique online toolkit that makes planning your canoe and kayak trips easy and fun. “It’s Google directions for the Boundary Waters,” says founder Ben Strege.
Secret Weaponry for a Slow Autumn Bite
Fall fishing is absolutely my favorite. Out of all the seasons, there is something so incredibly peaceful about launching a kayak on a chilly fall morning. The bite had been surprisingly slow for me that morning, and after unsuccessfully throwing a square bill crankbait, I decided to pull out what I jokingly referred to as my “secret weapon.”
Gear Strategy for River Canoe Camping
Canoe camping trips on rivers are somewhat different than in flatwater environments like the Boundary Waters or Quetico. Bending Branches’ long-time President and owner, Ed Vater, takes us through his gear list for river canoe camping.
Handling Paddling Emergencies: One Man's Dry Bag
How do you deal with the unplanned things that can arise during a paddle? My solution is to always carry what I call “contingency supplies.” Find out what's in my dry bag!
Kayaking with Asthma
Growing up, CJ Bennett developed pneumonia three times in one year. Fortunately as she got older, she didn’t get sick as much as she did as a child, but CJ was left with lifelong Asthma. Asthma can strike at any time. Here is how she stays prepared when enjoying time out on the water.
Bending Branches' Lineup of Kayak Fishing Paddles

As a kayak angler, your paddle is an indispensable tool that provides both the motor and the ability to position yourself precisely where you want to be to catch and land fish.

Kayak Paddle Ferrule Systems: Snap-Button vs. Versa-Lok™
A kayak paddle’s ferrule system is one of its most important components. We offer two ferrule systems for our paddles here at Bending Branches: the snap-button and our (new for 2023) Versa-Lok.
Our Versa-Lok™ Ferrule System Gives You Ultimate Kayak Paddle Performance
Bending Branches' Versa-LokTM ferrule system offers variable length and feathering options for your kayak fishing paddle. This can truly enhance your paddle's performance, and therefore your paddling experience.
Pack Canoe Paddle Guide: A Comprehensive Guide to Selecting your First Pack Canoe Paddle
Pack canoeing is one of the hottest and fastest growing sports in paddling today. People are investing in these boats because of their light weight, comfortable seating, storage capacity, and unique maneuverability. 
Paddles for the Solo Canoeist

Many canoeists enjoy the benefits and challenge of solo canoeing over tandem canoeing. Or they solo canoe in addition to tandem canoeing, especially when a canoeing partner isn’t available all the time.

Wilderness Canoe Tripping: Minnesota vs. Maine
While canoeing in Minnesota and Maine are very similar in many ways—both have plenty of forests, lakes and rivers—the wilderness canoe cultures in these two US states are quite distinct from one another.
How to Transport a Canoe on Your Vehicle
It’s important you learn how to transport a canoe properly to avoid damaging either your canoe or your vehicle…or risk damaging other vehicles while you’re on the road.