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6 Mistakes Anglers Make when Choosing a Kayak Fishing Paddle
Choosing a kayak fishing paddle—especially if you’re a new kayak angler—is an important decision. More important than you might think.
It's Never Too Late to Start Paddling

A few years ago my dad vocalized that he’d always wanted to paddle the Nahanni River. He’d done a little canoe tripping in his youth, but he always reminisced about 5-day canoe trip on the Moose River when he was a Boy Scout. At this point, it had been almost 40 years since he’d held a paddle. This is how my dad and I worked our way up to paddling the Nahanni River, plus advice on how to start canoeing!

Les Voyageurs: Using Canoes to Turn Kids into Leaders
Les Voyageurs is a Minnesota-based non-profit organization that provides the adventure of a lifetime for young people—a month-long canoe trip into remote areas of the US and Canada.
Cosmetic Seconds FAQs
Want to know more about our cosmetic second blades? This article discusses how we determine what is a cosmetic second and accompanying frequently asked questions.
Kayak Fishing and Alligators
Bending Branches ProStaffer, Chris Funk, kayak fishes all over the southeastern United States. One of the questions he gets most is: “How about paddling with gators? Are they dangerous? What do we need to look out for?”
Canoeing the Wilds of Scotland’s Lochs
Ian Finch and Jamie Barnes, both UK natives, partnered with two others for a winter canoe trip in the wilds of Scotland’s lochs. As often happens, their trip didn’t go quite as planned, but the changes brought them to a magical “hidden glen” they wouldn’t have wanted to miss.
The Importance of Building Relationships with your Local Kayak Dealers
When I first began my journey in the kayak fishing industry, I had very little knowledge about what equipment would be best for my needs. Reaching out to local dealers in the area proved to be a big help. Local dealers are very knowledgeable and are happy to help get the right equipment in your hands!
How to Purify Water when Canoe & Kayak Camping
No matter how clear and clean backcountry water looks, there’s no guarantee it’s safe for people to drink. Microorganisms in wilderness waters can cause an array of nasty consequences, from mild to severe.
People with Disabilities Discover Paddling through Adaptive Adventures
Adaptive Adventures gets people with physical disabilities active outdoors, including on the water, through their adaptive kayak, paddleboard and dragon boat programs.
Gear Review: YakAttack’s VISICarbon Pro Lighted Flag
Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) and Bending Branches ProStaff team member, Chad Hoover, reviews the VISICarbon Pro, something “every kayak angler should have in their kayak.”
Bending Branches’ 40th Anniversary in 2022
2022 marks our 40th Anniversary year here at Bending Branches. What began as a 2-man shop in a garage has grown to our 37,000 square-foot headquarters in Osceola, Wisconsin.
Easy Kayak Fishing Tournament Set-Up
Bending Branches’ ProStaffer, Drew Gregory, takes us through his kayak fishing set-up when he wants to strip down for simplicity and ease of movement for a tournament.
Black Pearl Straight: High-Performance Canoe Paddle for Seasoned Paddlers
We’re pleased to announce our brand-new Black Pearl ST high-performance canoe paddle. Joining its partner, the Black Pearl II bent shaft, this new straight shaft model provides almost weightless durability for all your flatwater expeditions.
Best Canoe Camping Spots in America’s Upper Midwest
Backcountry canoe camping is a pretty amazing way to spend a few days. You always have a lakeside campsite. You can fish, swim, relax. You can paddle from site to site or stay in one spot.
Canoeing and Kayaking Safety in Stormy Weather
Let’s look at some of the weather hazards canoeists and kayakers may encounter, especially if you’re in remote or wilderness areas with no chance of getting to shelter.
Kayak Fishing Podcast Round-Up
We asked our ProStaff team to let us know what their favorite kayak fishing podcasts are so we could pass those suggestions on to you.
For International Women’s Day: Meet Our ProStaff Women
Let us introduce you to some of the women on Bending Branches’ ProStaff team, in honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2022.
Learn About Canoes & Canoeing, Part 2
In this second part of filmmaker Jason Eke’s 2-part series “Master the Canoe” for beginning paddlers, he discusses the topics of loading your gear, canoe safety, how to choose a paddle and the most important paddle strokes.
Our Best Tips for Large Kayakers, Kayak Anglers and Canoeists
Here at Bending Branches we’re passionate about getting people out on the water. All people—no matter their age, ethnicity, size or shape.
Adjust the Fit of Your Touring Kayak
Touring kayaks are designed to fit the body of a kayaker in specific ways for the best kayaking experience. In this video our friend Dan Arbuckle, from California’s Headwaters Kayak, takes us through how to adjust the fit of your touring kayak.
19 Tips for Canoeing With Kids
The majority of my canoeing experience has been with kids. I grew up at camp, then became a camp counsellor, and eventually a canoe guide. I spent the prime summers of my youth canoeing with kids. So today I hope to provide some tips and direct you to some resources that will help you gain the knowledge and confidence needed to take your own kids - regardless of age - on their first canoe trip.