Paddling Education

Adjust the Fit of Your Touring Kayak
Touring kayaks are designed to fit the body of a kayaker in specific ways for the best kayaking experience. In this video our friend Dan Arbuckle, from California’s Headwaters Kayak, takes us through how to adjust the fit of your touring kayak.
How to Stand Up in Your Fishing Kayak
One of the biggest advantages of a sit-on-top fishing kayak is the option to stand up while you fish. So the big question is: How do you stand up in your kayak without getting wet?!
19 Tips for Canoeing With Kids
The majority of my canoeing experience has been with kids. I grew up at camp, then became a camp counsellor, and eventually a canoe guide. I spent the prime summers of my youth canoeing with kids. So today I hope to provide some tips and direct you to some resources that will help you gain the knowledge and confidence needed to take your own kids - regardless of age - on their first canoe trip.
Manage Your Paddle without Scaring the Fish
Bending Branches ProStaffer Chad Hoover offers kayak fishing anglers another helpful video on his YouTube channel: tips on how to manage your paddle when you’re hands are busy fishing.
Learn about Canoes and Canoeing, Part 1
Filmmaker Jason Eke has canoed most of his life. With this video he begins a 2-part series for beginners on how to canoe. Since he records the video while he’s in the boat, viewers get to see some beautiful Canadian wilderness along with the instruction.
Bending Branches’ Quality Assurance Process
Ensuring that our canoe, kayak and kayak fishing paddles are of the highest quality is our top priority here at Bending Branches. Our definition of “quality” includes durability, light weight and cosmetic appeal.
The 200-Pound Kayak Fishing Challenge
Bending Branches ProStaffers and pals, Gene Jensen and Chad Hoover, spent a day on the waters off the Florida coast to attempt to catch a Goliath grouper without falling out of their kayak.
Our Readers’ Favorite Content from 2021
Canoeists, kayakers and kayak anglers like you are why we’re in business. We put out a lot of content each year to help you learn, get inspired and enjoy your time on the water in whatever boat you love.
Interview with “Old Lady Angler”
Tracy Joseph, aka Old Lady Angler, jumped into kayak fishing with both feet after retirement. Her enthusiasm is inspiring many other anglers, especially beginners who’ve found her YouTube channel.
Kayak Fishing’s Best Fishing Knot
Bending Branches’ Regional Ambassador, Moo Lee, is well known in his native northern California through his YouTube Channel, MooMoo Outdoors. In this extremely helpful video he explains the Uni Knot—his vote for best fishing knot.
14 Amazing Canoe Trips in Canada
Few things go together as perfectly as Canada and canoeing. In this post, I’d like to introduce you to some of the best canoe trips in Canada. This isn’t an exhaustive list - with so many lakes and rivers, it would be impossible to include all of the amazing places to canoe. I hope you find inspiration for your next trip!
How the ACA Supports Paddlers
The American Canoe Association (ACA) has supported people involved in paddlesports since 1880—more than 140 years. ACA began in the United States and now has 15,000 members from around the world.
Martin Trahan: Born to Canoe
Martin Trahan has canoed across vast portions of North America, both in his native Canada and in the US. We’re honored to have him share his story with the Bending Branches community.
Kayak Angler and Pro Photographer, Reggie Chapa
For Texan, Reggie Chapa, kayak fishing and photography are a natural mix of two of his passions. Already a kayak angler, Reggie connected with Bending Branches through his photography.
Fishing Chronicles with Branches’ Team Members
A few of Bending Branches’ Ambassador and ProStaff team members generously shared a recent kayak fishing story with us. We hope these inspire you for your next angling adventure, too!
What It Means to Be a “Build to Order” Company
Here at Bending Branches we were already 20 years into our history when we switched from our previous “build to inventory” manufacturing process to our current “build to order” process.
Rural Tennessee: Home of the Musky
The Musky. Fish of ten thousand casts so they say. I either cast a lot more than I think I do, or I must be one of the luckiest anglers ever as I have now landed three of these absolute beasts.
One-Arm Freedom® Canoe Paddle for Adaptive Paddling
“Water is the most inclusive medium” says One-Arm Freedom canoe paddle inventor, Cindy Dillenschneider. A long-time believer in making the outdoors accessible to everyone, Cindy committed herself to developing an adaptive canoe paddle for those with upper limb impairments.
15 Gift Ideas for Your Canoeing and Kayaking Kids
Here are 15 gift ideas for your paddling kids that won’t just fill up the toy box. These are gifts they’ll love to use on the water every time they’re out.
Boat Wake and the Importance of a Paddle

I can’t stress the importance of never letting your guard down while on the water. That’s the number one suggestion I have. But also, learn how to handle wake by meeting it with forward propulsion. Sure, we could have used our pedal drives to have maintained forward movement, but the paddle actually served as a means to better balance in the kayak seat and ride out the wake.

A Case for the More Experienced Paddler to Sit in the Bow
As my recent trips have shown me, there is a ton to be learned when you switch up your usual spot in either the bow or the stern. Next time you’re paddling with your usual partner, I encourage you to ask yourselves why you’re sitting where you are sitting.