Our 14 Top Gift Picks for the Paddlers on Your List

gifts for paddlers

With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, we wanted to give you 14 of our top gift picks for all the paddlers on your list!

Whether your friends and loved ones canoe, kayak or stand-up paddle board, you’ll find some great ideas here:

gift a new kayak fishing paddle

1. A New Paddle

A well-crafted paddle is one of the joys of paddling. It’s what you hold in your hands all day long. It’s your motor that propels you along in the water.

Our canoe, kayak and kayak fishing paddles are used all over the world by paddlers from beginner to expert. There’s one for every budget and every use.

Take a look at:

2. Paddler’s First Aid Kit

Every paddler should have a First Aid kit, whether it’s a pre-packaged model or a DIY kit. Take a look at this blog post for some ideas, including a short video by ProStaffer, Chris Funk.

paddlers pfd

3. Paddling-Specific Life Jacket (PFD)

Any life jacket or PFD that’s Coast Guard approved will work for a paddler. But a paddling-specific life jacket is much more comfortable with more room around the shoulders. Look for one that includes extras like zip pockets, carabiner loops.

4. Paddler’s Emergency Kit

Slightly different from a First Aid kit, an emergency kit is especially important for paddlers who are on cold waters or will paddle or fish in cold weather. This will be a DIY project and can include things like a mylar blanket, fire starter materials, a whistle, change of clothes, camp towel and flashlight.

See this video from ProStaffer Gene Jensen for more.

bending branches hats

5. A Hat from Your Favorite Paddle Company

Grab a Bending Branches Pro Cap or Cuff Bluewater Beanie for your favorite paddlers. Get ‘em while they last! Check them out here.

6. Dehydrated Camp Meals

For your paddling friends who love wilderness tripping, get them a supply of pre-packaged dehydrated backpacking meals. These are super easy to pack and prepare. Take a look at this review of several brands by Switchback Travel.

7. “Recipes for Adventure” by Chef Glenn McAllister

If your paddling gift recipient loves to cook, consider this cookbook so they can make their own dehydrated trip food. It’s marketed to backpackers, but paddle trippers use the same types of meals.

dog pfd

(photo courtesy of @aontkos)

8. PFD for a Canine Paddling Buddy

Lots of our dog-loving customers love Ruffwear’s Float Coat dog life jacket. Even dogs that are great swimmers need to wear a PFD if you’ll be out for long trips or far from shore. It’s safer for everyone.

9. Drybags

Drybags in various sizes are wonderful for paddling trips—whether a few hours, a few days or a few weeks. Everything stays watertight, which is important when you’re on always on the water!

Drybags are made by too many brands to list here, but a quick online search will land you several “best of” lists.

10. Paddling Top

There are a number of paddling tops available for various conditions, from light and airy to completely watertight and wind-blocking. NRS sells several high-quality tops you can check out here.

11. Paddling Shoes

There’s a wide variety of paddling shoes and boots to match the type of paddling, the conditions of the shorelines and the weather. Better footwear means better experiences on the water! Check out these options from NRS.

kayak angler

12. BlackPak Kayak Fishing Crate

The BlackPak is perfect for holding several tackle boxes behind a kayak seat for the anglers on your list. Gene Jensen talks about his in this video (starts at about minute 4). This product is from YakAttack.

13. Rapala Magnetic Tool Holder

A favorite of Field & Stream’s Ben Duchesney for his kayak fishing set-up. This item makes it easy for you to keep track of whatever metal tools you want to keep handy—pliers, bolt cutters, scissors, etc. You’ll find it here.

kayak angler with anchor wizard

14. Anchor Wizard

Kayak Bass Fishing’s Chad Hoover calls this the #1 frustration-reducing item you need for kayak fishing. Your favorite kayak angler can “stop the drift” and stay put for a relaxing day of fishing. Learn all about it here.

We hope that gives you some great gift ideas for the paddlers in your life!

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