#1 Frustration-Reducing Item You Need for Kayak Fishing [Video]

kristie and chad hoover kayak fishing

“The Anchor Wizard is going to reduce your frustration more than any other piece of gear when you’re first starting out.” - Kristie Hoover

How does the Anchor Wizard take frustration out of kayak fishing?

On a beautiful calm day with no wind, your kayak stays put. You can cast at leisure, knowing you’re in your spot and will stay in your spot.

But when the wind picks up, half your battle becomes fighting the drift. It becomes a real headache and can ruin an otherwise great day of fishing.

Kristie quickly realized that the day the wind kept pushing her past Chad while his kayak stayed in one spot.

“Why am I drifting and you’re not?”
“It’s because I have my Anchor Wizard dropped.”
“Why don’t I have an Anchor Wizard?”
“I’ve gotten you one three or four different times and we just haven’t put it on your kayak yet.”
“Well, I want it on my kayak before we go again!”

How to Use the Anchor Wizard

You can use just about any anchor with the Anchor Wizard. It’s made well and easy to use. Drifting in the wind becomes something you don’t have to think about anymore.

When he’s facing a stiff headwind, Chad uses the Anchor Wizard in combination with his Power Pole Micro. That way both the bow and stern of his kayak are kept firmly in place. That allows him to cast exactly where he want to without dealing with his kayak swinging or wobbling around.

Watch this video as he explains:

Where to Buy the Anchor Wizard

You can buy an anchor wizard for any type of fishing boat, including kayaks and canoes. Go the Anchor Wizard’s website for all the details.

To find an Anchor Wizard dealer near you, take a look at their Store Locator.

Happy fishing!

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