How to Choose a Kayak Fishing Paddle

Here are a few pointers to help you choose a quality kayak fishing paddle at a reasonable price point without sacrificing performance…

choose a kayak fishing paddle

We’ll use our Angler paddle line to explain the differences and features to look for when choosing a kayak fishing paddle.

The Right Blade Size

First, you want a paddle with a large blade size to move your kayak and gear through the water with ease—95 square inches or larger. In traditional kayaking terms, we call these blades high-angle. High-angle blades are best for a more aggressive paddling stroke and for pulling a lot of weight.

The Right Ferrule System

Our kayak fishing paddles are available with two ferrule options: the snap-button ferrule and the Plus telescoping ferrule. The snap-button ferrule gives you the option of two feathering angles: 0º and 60º.

The Plus telescoping ferrule allows you to adjust your paddle up to 15 cm in length, and it gives you infinite feathering angles. The Plus ferrule really comes into play when your kayak has an adjustable high-low seat.

What’s Your Budget?

Next you’ll need to decide on your budget. Our Angler kayak paddles range in price from $74.95 to $424.95.

A rule of thumb with kayak paddles: the more you pay, the lighter the paddle, the better the materials, and the more features that are included. While this is true, we know everyone has to start somewhere, so we’ve included our trademark features on our entry-level paddles, too.

Bending Branches’ Angler Family of Paddles

The Angler Rise is our lowest price point at $74.95 and weighs in at 37 ounces. It has an ovalized aluminum shaft and polypropylene blades. Perfect for the angler just starting out or experimenting with kayak fishing, the Angler Rise is a trusty, basic paddle. It features a snap-button ferrule and hook retrieval system on one blade.

Our Angler Scout has epX engineered polymer blades, reinforced with fiberglass (a long way of saying they’re extremely durable!). It comes with the hook retrieval system as well as a tape measure on its aluminum shaft. It’s slightly lighter than the Rise, at 36 ounces, and has a snap-button ferrule.

This paddle is great for beginners and those who just want to play around a bit. Available in sage green and orange. It’s MRSP is $99.95.

kayak angler

The Angler Classic is our next step up and our best-selling kayak fishing paddle. It’s almost identical to the Scout but with two important distinctions: It’s shaft is fiberglass instead of aluminum—which saves weight (34 ounces) and adds strength. And it’s available with both a snap-button (MRSP $139.95) and Plus ferrule ($164.95).

The Angler Ace is our most affordable carbon kayak fishing paddle. This paddle is for the angler who’s on the water all day and needs a light yet durable kayak paddle they can trust. It comes in basic black.

The Ace is $199.95 for the snap-button model, and $224.95 for the Plus model. Its 100% carbon shaft brings its weight down to just 30 ounces, and includes the tape measure. The oversized blades are carbon-reinforced nylon, with the hook retrieval system.

The Angler Pro is six-time Kayak Fishing Paddle of the Year, and the most-used paddle by professional anglers. The Fiberglass model weighs just 29 ounces with 100% carbon shaft (with tape measure, of course) and oversize multi-laminate fiberglass blades. Its MSRP is $299.95 for the snap-button and $324.95 for the Plus. It comes in three eye-catching color choices.

Our Angler Pro Carbon is our lightest kayak fishing paddle, at a mere 25 ounces. This paddle is built for all-day efficiency and power-packed paddling. The 100% carbon shaft is paired with oversized multi-laminate carbon blades. Available in black. The snap-button model is $399.95 and the Plus is $424.95.

For anglers who value the old-school beauty of a wooden blade, your paddle is the Angler Navigator. This beauty combines a 100% ultra-light carbon shaft with the rich wood blends of red alder, basswood and roasted basswood for the blades. The blades are reinforced with fiberglass for extra durability, along with our patented Rockgard® edging.

The Navigator weighs 33 ounces. The snap-button model is $299.95 and the Plus model is $324.95.

Good luck and happy fishing!

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