“Why I Kayak Fish”

chad hoover kayak fishing

Chad Hoover, Kayak Bass Fishing host and Bending Branches ProStaffer, shares his heart in this short video about why kayak fishing is so special.

The fish—yes, that’s part of it. But to hear Chad, and then to see the comments of his YouTube followers, we remember catching fish is only one part of the joys of kayak fishing.

Take 2 minutes to watch the video. We think you’ll be nodding your head along:

“I’m not a kayak fishing versus others types of fishing. But it’s been my experience that you’re so much more integrated with what you’re doing…you’re so much more a part of it. You’re not making a lot of noise. You’re easing along. You’re just part of the wild experience.” Chad Hoover

It’s About the Places You Fish

We don’t know why we humans respond to nature the way we do—why it’s calming, healing, rejuvenating for us. But there’s plenty of research that backs up our positive connection with the natural world.

Kayaks can take you places you can’t reach on shore or in a bigger motorized boat. Not just to find the fish, but for seclusion, enjoyment, seeing wildlife and appreciating the beauty.

Chad encourages us to “Get out there and explore what God made for us and don’t take it too seriously. Enjoy it. Embrace it. Immerse yourself in it.”

kayak fishing sunset

Many others agree in their comments:

“I have seen more beavers cutting down trees 5 feet away from me than I could ever imagine. I’ve had river otters come up to my kayak.” (FLAC Fishing)

“That is so true! Nature is an awesome experience every time I go out in my kayak.” (Bassyaker)

“Awesome thoughts! Exactly the way I feel. And applies to life in general.” (Swampy)

“l love kayak fishing for the same reason—just being out on the water enjoying the trip. Catching a glimpse of God's wonderful creations. You just gotta love it.” (Dennis S.)

“I know this saying is probably worn out by now, I just wanna be one with nature. That is truly my favorite thing about kayaking fishing. Even if I don't catch a thing I can still enjoy nature. It makes me forget all the things that have been weighing on my mind or it helps bring clarity to some things that are on my mind.” (Don J.)

It’s About the Journey, Not the Destination

Chad suggests if we see kayak fishing as a journey rather than a destination we’ll get more satisfaction out of it and appreciate things more.

Enjoy being on the water. Enjoy the peace and solitude…or your time with your fishing buddies or family. Enjoy teaching your kids to fish. Enjoy the natural world all around you.

Enjoy learning more about the fish, the water and fishing each time you get out.

kayak fishing scenery

Here are a few comments from Chad’s followers:

“Ain’t no other way to be on the water than in a kayak! I live right on the Tennessee/Georgia line and I’ve experience some of the finest nature out there. I can get to places on these backwaters, rivers, lakes, and streams that nobody else can in a boat.” comment from Luke Duh Duke

“The journey is exactly why I started kayaking 15 years ago.” (Gabe W.)

“Just before Christmas I kept getting skunked on Lake Hartwell and I was getting pissed. The third day I was paddling up this cove and a bald eagle comes cruising right over me...in SC. I didn't even know we had eagles here. Thanks for the reminder that it’s a blessing to be able to get out and enjoy the world around us.” (Micah V.S.)

“You hit the nail on the head: enjoy the journey. Every time I put my yak on the water I become one with it.” (acnjshink)

“Getting off the couch, getting outside, resetting myself in creation and finding something to learn or a way to improve as an angler in each outing is how I define my own success. Sometimes that means I land some nice bass, sometimes I get skunked, but each step is worthwhile.” (Dennis J.)

kayak angler

It’s a Different Experience than Fishing from a Motor Boat

We’re not in competition with anglers who prefer fishing out of bigger, faster boats. But kayak angling is truly a difference fishing experience.

Not only is it much more affordable (!) it’s a simpler experience, it’s a closer connection with the environment, there’s often less emphasis on the technology and gadgets.

Here are more “whys” about kayak fishing vs. fishing from bigger boats:

“I have fished out of bass boats most of my life, but since I have been fishing out of kayaks, it has opened new doors for me. The sensory experience is awesome.” (Patrick M.)

“There's a place I launch right under a bridge on one of the busiest highways over a small river. I can paddle about 1/4 mile around the first bend and the whole world slowly changes. I find myself deep in the woods, the water is almost always calm and clear. It gets quiet and still and the only conversations I have are between me and the fish through 6-pound flourocarbon. Even the voices in my head shut up and listen! I'm not staring at my phone or computer screen. I'm not worried about what task needs to be accomplished next, or what calls I need to make. I'm not responsible for anything or anyone but myself. I see things that make me smile rather than frustrate me. I hear quiet things moving I never here anywhere else.” (fmlstewart)

“I loved fishing long before I got my kayak, but kayak fishing took it to a different level. And while I certainly prefer to catch fish, just getting out and on the water makes any day special!” (Mike A.)

kayak angler in the cattails

“I got into kayak fishing for the same reason I bow hunted! It was not about the antlers, it wasn't about the inches. It was simply my time to be in a place where my mind could relax and clear out of everything else I had going on. It was about sitting up in my stand and watching Mother Nature and her world come alive…As others have said, for me, it is the magic of seeing the world in a whole new way and unspoiled.” (Dan C.)

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