Bass Fishing Kayak Set-Up [Video]

bass fishing kayak setup

Gene takes a few minutes of his time during a Kayak Bass Fishing tournament to tell us how he rigs his kayak for bass fishing:

Gene emphasizes that the way you rig your kayak will depend on the type of fish species you’re after, and also where and how you’re fishing.

In this video he’s rigged his kayak for a lake with a lot of shallow structure:

The kayak Gene uses in this video is Jackson Kayak’s Big Rig.

First on Gene’s list is a ram mount on the bow to hold his GoPro Hero 5 action camera with voice control. If you love capturing your fishing adventures on video, too, consider one of those.

Gene uses Bending Branches’ Angler Pro kayak fishing paddle. “A really good lightweight paddle. I love that it’s adjustable.”

His front hatch stays empty unless he’s got camping gear in it for overnight excursions.

Next, just in front of his feet, is a second camera mount. He doesn’t have a fish finder on this boat, but definitely would if he was going onto a big, deep lake.
Gene likes to keep his deck clean. His rods can go on either side in the channels that run the length of the kayak.

gene jensen
Media producer and Bending Branches ProStaffer, Gene Jensen

The tackle used for the day is easily stored under the seat and in the small space next to it. That keeps it handy and easy to get at.

His Frabill trout net is within easy reach just to the right behind him, its short handle in another mount.

There’s a small storage bag attached to the back of his seat for anything he wants access to throughout the day.

Behind the seat is the Black Pack that stores his tackle boxes. Behind that are three more rod holders for both rods or another camera mount.

On the opposite side from the net mount Gene keeps a YoloTek Boomstick camera mount for shots from higher up—adjustable up to 8 feet and remote controlled.

At the stern is the battery-powered PowerPole Micro Anchor.

If you aren’t an avid videographer you can skip over a few of these gear items, of course. Otherwise take Gene’s advice and see how you like with your own fishing kayak!

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