Paddling Education

Canoe Camping: Bear Safety

Knowing bear safety is an important part of canoe camping when you’re in bear territory. Here are some tips to keep in mind...As our friends at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources say: “The best way to avoid bear problems is to not attract them in the first place.”

Kayak Fishing Paddling Tips [Video]

Bending Branches’ ProStaffers Chad Hoover and Gene Jensen team up in this video to explain how great paddling technique makes you a better kayak angler.

Our Favorite Fishing Kayak Makers

Once you decide kayak angling is for you, your fishing kayak is the largest investment you’ll make. To help you with your research, here are some of our favorite fishing kayak manufacturers…

More Frequently Asked Questions

For us at Bending Branches, service isn’t a poster in the break room or terms our leaders use in monthly meetings. It’s in our DNA. We have one mission—to have the best service in the entire outdoor industry.

BWCA Canoe Trip Success with a Toddler

If you’re a parent you know life with a toddler is often unpredictable. Bringing said toddler into the Boundary Waters for a canoe trip adds a whole new level of unpredictability!

21 Awesome Places to See in the Southeast
On May 1, 2015, two lucky members of the RootsRated team set off on a 5-month, 20,000-mile cross-country road tour across the United States. The main goal of the tour was to connect with over 30 of our specialty retail...
Wooden Canoe Paddles: Brawn + Beauty

Wooden canoe paddles have a long history in canoeing. Wood was the original material used in paddles by the Native Americans, as well as the fur trading Voyageurs.

Getting Started in Kayak Fishing Tournaments
It’s the perfect time of year for the topic of kayak fishing tournaments (and I’m not the first one to bring it up). Kayak fishing clubs are either already underway or close to holding their first event. In a month...
Life Jackets: All You Need to Know

A life jacket is the most important safety device for canoeists and kayakers no matter the water environment and activity.

Take a Trip- St. Croix River Valley

Talk to the vast majority of paddlers, and they’ll likely tell you: While they enjoy the act of paddling, it’s the sights, sounds, smells and connection with nature that the real passion for paddling comes from.

Video: Small Town Smallmouth Kayak Fishing

We hit the road in search of big smallmouth.  Disappointment was quickly erased as we each caught nice smallmouth on big lures.  Watch the video from our trip and read the story below.

Cedar Plank Walleye

With a daily goal to go from point A to point B, a hot meal becomes a luxury and the greatest motivator. Meals are a cooperative effort, eaten together and is a time to reflect on a hard day. Some of the best moments of my trips were at mealtime, thus I strongly believe great food can make the difference on any canoe trip.

Best Canoe Paddles for the Boundary Waters & Quetico

When you head into remote wilderness areas for a canoe trip like Minnesota’s Boundary Waters or Canada’s Quetico, you need paddles you can depend on.

Maximize Your Chances on Tournament Day

Fishing just for fun out of a kayak and fishing a competitive tournament both offer rewarding experiences to an angler.

7 Reasons to Try Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing is still a relatively small segment of the total number of fishing outings each year, but that segment has been growing fast.

6 Top Canoe Destinations in North America

Naming the 6 top canoe destinations is sort of like naming the 6 best ice cream flavors. It depends who you ask!

Here’s our list of 6 top canoe destinations in North America…

Top 4 Rivers to Fish - Texas Edition

There are many different rivers in Texas to kayak and fish, and fortunately I have been able to get on a few of these rivers. Of course, I have not covered every single river in Texas, and most of the rivers I have been on have only been for a small section of that river.

How to Size a Canoe Paddle

Are you in the market for a canoe paddle and you don't know what size you should get? Watch our short video on how to properly size a canoe paddle and you'll be paddling your perfect paddle in no time!

What's in The Jacket?

Life Jackets are an essential part of canoe guiding. Not only do they keep you safe, but they can carry everything you need to keep you comfortable through the day as well as prepared for a rescue situation where saving time is vital.

Devils River - The Passion of Fishing
Every time I have gone to the Devils River in Southwest Texas I am amazed. The scenery is really something that I enjoy, as the rugged hills and cliffs with hardly any trees at all make an extreme contrast to...
How to choose the right paddle
I believe the most commonly asked questions I’ve seen around kayak forums are: “What kind of paddle do I need?” and “What length of paddle should I get for X, Y or Z kayak?” For the most part, there are...