Bending Branches’ Expedition Plus Canoe Paddle

Expedition Plus 2 Paddles

The Expedition Plus: What it’s Made For

Canoeists on long wilderness trips need power, control and endurance. And they need a paddle they can rely on.

Our Expedition Plus straight-shaft wooden canoe paddle is made to handle the toughest conditions for days on end.

It’s perfect for flat water, and also performs very well in rapids up to Class III.

“The Expedition Plus fits the requirements you need for whitewater but is still perfect for paddling flat-water lakes. This is the perfect paddle. It’s wonderful for traditional-style paddling, but also for hard-core whitewater.” (Larry Hanson, 35+ year wilderness canoe veteran)

The Expedition’s Best Features and What They Mean for You

Let’s start with the ultra-comfortable T-grip. This grip is easy on your hands and gives you the kind of control you need to maneuver your canoe in all conditions.

Next is our patented Rockgard® edge protection. The Rockgard—all along the blade’s edges plus 6 inches up the shaft—combined with a 4-ounce fiberglass wrap on the blade means there’s no need to baby this paddle.

The blade is a beefy 126 square inches of power to get you through the water with ease and efficiency.

This powerhouse of a paddle weighs in at just 24 ounces, even after hours of paddling you’ll barely notice its weight.

And it sure stands out on and off of the water! The red alder, basswood and roasted basswoods we use make this paddle pretty enough to hang on your wall when you’re not using it in the wilderness.

A Video Testimonial

Jason Eke, wilderness canoeist, canoe builder and founder of Trail Guide Pictures, calls the Expedition Plus “my new favorite paddle.”

He gave it a great review in this short video:


The Expedition Plus carries an MSRP of just $149.95—a bargain for the quality you get. For more details and all the specs, see the Expedition Plus product page.

Have questions about the Expedition Plus, or any other Bending Branches paddle? Call or email our Wisconsin-based Customer Service team today! They’re ready to help: [email protected] • 715-755-3405

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