Kayak Fishing Paddle Review: Angler Scout

bending branches angler scout kayak fishing paddle

(photo courtesy of Bill Sikora)

Bending Branches’ Angler Scout kayak fishing paddle gives you plenty of extras at a great price. Branches’ Ambassador, Bill Sikora, recently produced a video with a review of the Scout. Here’s what he had to say:

Bill says, “Someone once told me to always spend as much as possible on your paddle. This would help make your trip more enjoyable. For the most part, that’s true. But let’s face it—times are tough. We’re at, hopefully, the tail end of a pandemic and money’s tight for everyone…Not everyone has $2-3-400 for a paddle.”

NOTE: Angler Scout is discontinued. Instead, consider Angler Drift, MSRP $119.95.

Angler Scout: Inexpensive but Not Cheap

The Angler Scout’s blades are made from epX-engineered polymer, reinforced with fiberglass. These blades are tough, without a lot of flex. It’s available in either sage green or orange.

One of the blades has a notch called the Hook Retrieval System. It helps grab a line or lure that’s gotten stuck either in a tree or in the water.

The coated aluminum shaft has a tightly-fitting snap-button ferrule system and a 36-inch tape measure. While it’s not meant to be your official guide for tournaments, it’ll give you the basic idea of whether to keep a fish or throw it back to try for a bigger one.

When Bill Uses the Angler Scout

Bill uses his 29-ounce Angler Pro as his main paddle. But he doesn’t just consider his Scout as a backup paddle. He sees it as a viable alternative when he’s in different paddling conditions.

When he’s in windy conditions with a loaded kayak, when he’s pushing off rocky bottoms and oyster beds, Bill likes the heavier, stiff Scout. It gives him a few more ounces of leverage without any worries he’ll damage the blades. It’s built to take a beating.

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