How to Fish Big Bass in the Spring [Video]

kayak bass fishing

Go along on a kayak fishing trip with Kayak Bass Fishing’s Chad Hoover and learn some of his top tips for catching big bass in the spring…

Chad’s main message here is “always be learning.” We’ve listed some take-aways from the video below…so as you watch it, what can you learn in the next 16 minutes?

Know Where the Fish Spawn

Spring fishing is active because it’s when fish spawn. When you know fish habitat, you’ll know where to fish. So learn about the lakes and rivers in your area. Where are the most likely spots for spawning?

Fish in Clear Water

What we realize in this video is that Chad is watching the bass as he’s fishing. When you’re in clean, clear water you have a better chance because you can see the fish and see what they’re doing.

He’s in a shallow bay, which also makes it easier to watch the fish he’s trying to catch.

Don’t Spook the Fish

One of the advantages of kayak fishing is the ability to be stealthy. Your only motor is your paddle. Take advantage of that by paddling gently with little or no paddle drip.

You’ll see in the video that once he sees fish, Chad keeps his blade in the water as he maneuvers his kayak, to prevent any splash or drip.

Know How Fish Think

Sometimes the reason fish bit isn’t because they’re hungry, but because they’re defending their territory. Learn how fish think: Will they bite because they’re feeding? Or because they’re defending a nest raider? Or because your bait is a nuisance?

They’ll bite for all these reasons…but unless you understand fish and how they think, you won’t know that. Learn about the ways and habits of the fish you want to catch.

kayak bass fishing

Have the Option to Sit or Stand in Your Kayak

For the most options to position yourself to fish, use a fishing kayak with a height-adjustable seat and a wide platform designed for standing. That way you have the ability to change your position as often as you want, both for comfort and for visibility.

Use the Power-Pole in the Wind

Chad loves his Power-Pole Micro Anchor so he can keep his position in the wind with ease. “The Power-Pole’s invaluable because it allows you to hold position, but then if you hook fish up you can just hit the button and go fight ‘em. It’s part of the evolution of the sport of kayak fishing.”

Polarized Sunglasses

These are essential to be able to see through the reflection into the water, as well as to protect your eyes from the sun’s glare on the water’s surface.

What Defines a Successful Fishing Trip?

As Chad emphasizes, it’s not just about catching big fish: “It’s about whether you learned something about catching big fish.”

His advice: Never think you know it all. Never stop learning!

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