Easy Kayak Fishing Tournament Set-Up

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Bending Branches’ ProStaffer, Drew Gregory, takes us through his kayak fishing set-up when he wants to strip down for simplicity and ease of movement for a tournament.

Take a look:

The Gear for in this Simple Kayak Fishing Rig

Drew knew that in this particular tournament he’d want the flexibility to be able to move from spot to spot quickly and easily. This set-up allowed him to be able to get his kayak and gear in and out of his truck bed several times with ease.

No fancy crates this time, just his Plano tackle box and Speed Bag with the power baits Drew planned to use for this tournament: chatter baits, spinner baits and buzz baits.

tackle boxes in the back of a fishing kayak

A simple tackle set up with just the baits Drew knows he’ll use

He has a mount for his GoPro camera to the right and another just behind his seat. He also keeps his catch board tethered and just behind his seat so he can grab it easily to quickly measure the fish he pulls in.

Drew uses YakAttack’s RotoGrip paddle holders to keep his kayak paddle secure when he’s not holding it. He includes accessories like line cutters, a hook sharpener, pliers and his T-Reign retractor, also from YakAttack.

Drew explains why the net he keeps on this Crescent Ultralite kayak is smaller than you’d think. Because this kayak is smaller he doesn’t have room for a full-size net. He says, “You just need to get the head of the fish in, then plop him in the kayak. That’s it.”

fishing net and pliers in the front of a fishing kayak

A small net works just fine for this situation

He also knew the size of the fish he was likely to catch at this particular tournament would be smaller than in other locations.

A Simple Set Up is Fine to Start With

“You don’t need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to get into kayak fishing, to get into kayak fishing tournaments,” emphasized Drew. “You just need to find the find ‘tool’ for the style of fishing you’re going to do…Kayaks are just a tool to get the job done.”

The next day he would go on to win that tournament, proving his point!

The Crescent UltraLite Kayak

The kayak Drew uses here, the UltraLite kayak by Crescent, is designed for simple functionality and easy transport.  It comes pre-designed for YakAttack mounts, has a comfortable seat and is stable enough to stand on when fishing.

Just over 10 feet long and under 50 pounds, it still has a 280-pound capacity for yourself and your gear. There’s plenty of room for your legs, a storage area behind the seat and closed compartment at the bow.

“Small, fun and as close to the fish as possible, this is UltraLite fishing.”

Drew Gregory and his kayak fishing set-up, truck and camper in the background

Drew Gregory, 2020 Hobie BOS Angler of the Year and Branches ProStaff team member

You can read more of Drew's comments as well as his whole gear list on the YouTube page that houses this video.

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