Kayak Fishing Podcast Round-Up

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We asked our ProStaff team to let us know what their favorite kayak fishing podcasts are so we could pass those suggestions on to you.

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Here’s what they told us…

Paddle N Fin is the Favorite

Paddle N Fin was the overwhelming favorite of our team members. Paddle N Fin isn’t just one podcast, though, it’s the umbrella name for multiple podcast shows that cover many kayak fishing topics.

Tyler Thiede said, “I like it because it is Midwest-based and covers a variety of topics about kayak fishing.”

Courtney Bennett agrees. She said, “I have enjoyed listening to anything Paddle N Fin puts out. It is solid info for kayak anglers and they always have a dynamic guest list.”

Courtney likes River Bassin' which is co-hosted by fellow team member, Drew Gregory, and another show underneath the Paddle N Fin banner.

“I enjoy listening to Drew’s podcast as he and I were previously both on the Jackson Kayak fishing team. Drew is such a wonderful person to represent the sport! I’m glad he and I are also both still with Bending Branches. Drew is all about the Bass, proper catch and release and river conservation,” Courtney shared.

Branches’ Regional Ambassador, Brad Hicks, hosts Paddle N Fin’s The Final Cast segment, that talks about kayak fishing and fishing-related products. (We’ll link below to an episode they did last year with our own Andrew Stern.)

Jimmy Skinner, another team member, added, “Without a doubt Paddle N Fin podcast. I’m being bias because I am one of the hosts as well as Bending Branches team member, Brad Hicks. We have multiple different segments to cover so much of kayaking and kayak fishing, as well as hunting. Paddle N Fin has shows on kayak tourney fishing, salt water fishing, gear and product reviews.” Jimmy co-hosts Paddle N Fin’s show The Reel Down.

JD Desrosiers is another fan of Paddle N Fin. He shares why: “My favorite Podcast is Paddle n Fin based out of the Chicago area. Brian and Jay are both outstanding guys and I have watched the podcast grow hugely over the last three years. They offer both specific and general content, and their podcast has an enormous following across the nation.”

kayak angler paddling his kayak

(Photo courtesy of Reggie Chapa)

More Kayak Fishing Podcasts

Juan Gomez gave his vote: “I only listen to one kayaking podcast at the moment. It's called Kayak Flyer and it covers quite a few topics plus they bring in guests that are well known in the kayak and the kayak fishing industry.” Kayak Flyer focuses on fly fishing and can be found on Apple Podcasts, Podtail and other platforms.

Blaine Upton nominated the Unlimited podcast from NuCanoe. “The Unlimited Podcasts highlights Nu team members and dealers as well as new products surrounding NuCanoe Kayaks.” Unlimited is on Apple Podcast, ListenNotes and more.

Chad Hoover listens to Paddle N Fin, and will be launching his own podcast in spring of 2022, Chad Hoover Fishing. That’s good news for fans of his company, KBF (Kayak Bass Fishing). You can look for a link from his website.

Courtney Bennett loves The Woman Angler. The Woman Angler speaks to tournament fishing from a woman’s point of view.”

Rob Wright suggested Kayak Bass Nation. You can find this one on various platforms including Apple Podcasts and Podbean.

Adam Riser and Justin Hausner both recommended Serious Angler Podcast. It’s not restricted to kayak angling, but covers many relevant topics about bass fishing. You’ll find it on several platforms including Apple Podcasts and Anchor.fm.

Marty Hughes’s favorite kayak fishing podcast is Bass Talk Live. Marty has his own podcast, as well, Conversation with Kayakjak.

A few other suggestions include Crank and Crank Podcast, The Rusty Hook and the recently started Orion Podcast from Jackson Kayak.

The bottom line: There’s no lack of great podcast listening out there for kayak anglers!

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