How to Stand Up in Your Fishing Kayak

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One of the biggest advantages of a sit-on-top fishing kayak is the option to stand up while you fish. So the big question is: How do you stand up in your kayak without getting wet?!

Bending Branches ProStaffers Gene Jensen and Chad Hoover have some advice for us in a couple of their videos.

Let's start with Gene's: (click here to watch)

Why Stand Up When You Fish from Your Kayak

The option to stand in your fishing kayak gives you a chance to stretch your legs for a while. It’s easy to get stiff after sitting too long, and good for your body to change positions occasionally.

Not only that, you have a different vantage point while standing than you do when you sit. It can be easier to see into the water, to see further and simply to see from a different perspective.

What Kind of Kayak Can You Stand Up In?

If you plan to spend time standing in your kayak while you fish, you’ll need one that’s made for standing. These kayaks are wide and very stable. They include a platform with texture so your feet don’t slip even when the deck is wet.

Gene recommends buying your kayak from a retailer that will let you test them out for yourself. That’s the best way to get a feel for the stability of standing.

Tips When Standing Up in Your Kayak

Don’t try standing up in your kayak for the first time in cold weather or cold water! Go out on a warm day without gear and practice standing up and sitting down. Practice repositioning, using your anchor and paddling.

Another tip is to have a seat that’s higher than your feet. A higher seat makes it easier to get your forward momentum as you stand. Keep your stance wide and it’ll be easier to keep your balance.

If you need it, there are a couple tools on the market that will assist you in standing up, like this Stand Assist Strap from Perception Kayaks.

Watch Chad Hoover's video here: (click to watch)

Chad says, “If you want to get into kayak fishing and standing up in your kayak is holding you back, don’t let it.” Modern fishing kayaks are made for standing in. They’re very stable, making it very doable to have the advantages of standing while you fish.

How to Paddle While You’re Standing Up

It’s also handy to know how to use your paddle to move your kayak while you’re standing up.

In the video below, Chad shows us how he holds his paddle, with his top hand holding the tip of the blade that’s out of the water just as if he were holding a stand-up paddle. Your other hand will have a grip on the paddle shaft.

He often sees anglers with both hands on the paddle’s shaft, which gives less control and is more likely to cause paddle flutter and splash.

He also likes to keep his blade in the water as much as possible, using a “knife edge” stroke to eliminate any paddle splash that would scare the fish. It’s a simple matter of turning the blade while it’s in the water. You can position your kayak easily with your paddle, taking it out of the water only when necessary.

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