Bending Branches' Angler Pro vs. Angler Navigator Kayak Fishing Paddles

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Our Angler Pro and Angler Navigator are both performance kayak fishing paddles, ideal for any serious kayak angler. Let’s take a look at how they compare…

bending branches angler navigator and angler pro kayak fishing paddlesAngler Navigator and Angler Pro (in Radiant) kayak fishing paddles (photo courtesy of Justin Floyd)

Angler Pro and Angler Pro Carbon Kayak Fishing Paddles

The Angler Pro has been a YakAngler Top Choice Award winner for six years. It’s become the most-used paddle by professional anglers. The Pro Carbon model is alike in every way except the materials used in the blades.

THE SHAFT—Both Pros have a 100% carbon shaft available with either a snap-button or Versa-Look adjustable length ferrule. The snap-button allows for two feathering angles while the telescoping ferrule gives you infinite feathering angles along with an adjustable length of up to 15 cm.

They both feature a tape measure on the shaft so you can easily measure those lunkers you bring in.

THE BLADES—Here’s where the difference lies. The Angler Pro has gorgeous multi-laminate fiberglass blades offered in three different designs. This model weighs 29 ounces.

The Pro Carbon has sleek black multi-laminate carbon blades. Those enable us to get the weight down to an ultra-light 25 ounces. That translates to very little fatigue after many hours on the water.

angler navigator and angler pro kayak fishing paddlesAngler Navigator and Angler Pro in Glowtek (photo courtesy of Jason Kincy)

 Here are the MSRPs for each model:

  • Angler Pro with snap-button ferrule: $324.95; Angler Versa-Lok: $349.95.
  • Angler Pro Carbon with snap-button ferrule: $399.95; Angler Pro Carbon Versa-Lok: $449.95.

Angler Navigator Kayak Fishing Paddle

Are you more of an old-school angler when it comes to your paddle, but still want the performance that comes from top-notch design and materials?

The Angler Navigator combines a traditional wood paddle with modern technology.

The all-wood blades are hand-crafted with the rich, warm colors of alder, basswood and roasted basswood. The properties of the wood gives this paddle a natural buoyancy.

These blades have a thicker profile than those of the Angler Pro, and have more flex than the Pro’s composite blades.

A 2-ounce fiberglass wrap protects the woods, and our Rockgard edging means it bounces off rocks.

This paddle is truly beautiful, but as rock-solid and durable as they come.

The shaft is the same 100% carbon shaft as the Angler Pro. It’s also offered in both the snap-button and Versa-Lok adjustable length ferrule. And it also has a built-in tape measure.

The Angler Navigator sells for $349.95 and $374.95, depending on your choice of ferrule. It weighs 35 ounces.

angler pro and angler navigator kayak fishing paddles(photo courtesy of Justin Floyd)

Which is Best Suited for Rocky Rivers?

The Angler Navigator is better for rocky rivers.

With that said, the Angler Pro has been around since 2012. Countless anglers have taken it through some of the most uncertain river conditions and their paddle has held up just fine.

We introduced the Angler Navigator because it offers the strongest blade available today. The dark, dense and durable woods in the blade make it rigid, but it's the full Rockgard protection around the edges and the two ounces of fiberglass on both blades that make it so strong.

If you’re tough on their gear and never want to worry about blade durability, the Angler Navigator is your paddle. If you want a kayak paddle for long-distances and lightweight performance, the Angler Pro is more suited to your fishing needs.

Hear from Our ProStaff Team

A few of our ProStaffers offered their input on these two paddles.

Jason Kincy said:

“Having both the Angler Pro and the Navigator allows me to choose the right one based on the trip or my mood. The Angler Pro is very lightweight and tough as nails and is my tournament paddle. The extra bright visibility also makes me safer on big water.

“The Navigator is my choice when I want to feel closer to nature and take on a smaller body of water. It’s a beauty and a real head turner...I get asked about it often when I’m on the water.”

angler pro and angler navigator kayak fishing paddles(photo courtesy of CJ Bennett)

 Courtney Bennett offered this:

“My husband and I have both the Angler Navigator and Angler Pro. My husband prefers the Pro because it is lighter. I gravitate more toward the Navigator in slightly deeper water where I am less likely to encounter rock shoals.”

Brad Hicks also uses both paddles. He said:

“I love the Angler Pro for the durability and lightweight feel of the paddle. The lightweight paddle makes paddling much easier especially going upstream against current. I love the Navigator for the aesthetics and it's also durable. Great for lakes.”

Do you have more questions? Let our friendly Customer Service team help you choose your new paddle today: 715-755-3405 • [email protected]

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