Paddling Education

My 5 Top Tips for Getting Started in Kayak Fishing

Are you just starting out in kayak fishing? Here are my top 5 tips for you…

Kayak Fishing Paddling Tips [Video]

Bending Branches’ ProStaffers Chad Hoover and Gene Jensen team up in this video to explain how great paddling technique makes you a better kayak angler.

Our Favorite Fishing Kayak Makers

Once you decide kayak angling is for you, your fishing kayak is the largest investment you’ll make. To help you with your research, here are some of our favorite fishing kayak manufacturers…

Getting Started in Kayak Fishing Tournaments
It’s the perfect time of year for the topic of kayak fishing tournaments (and I’m not the first one to bring it up). Kayak fishing clubs are either already underway or close to holding their first event. In a month...
Kayak Paddle Feathering: What is It and Why does it Matter?

To feather or not to feather…that’s a good question! And one we get a lot. So here’s a basic overview of kayak paddle feathering if you’re scratching your head over what it is and why it matters.

The Plus Ferrule System for Ultimate Kayak Paddle Performance

Explains how the Plus ferrule works and the advantages of it.

Video: Small Town Smallmouth Kayak Fishing

We hit the road in search of big smallmouth.  Disappointment was quickly erased as we each caught nice smallmouth on big lures.  Watch the video from our trip and read the story below.

Maximize Your Chances on Tournament Day

Fishing just for fun out of a kayak and fishing a competitive tournament both offer rewarding experiences to an angler.

7 Reasons to Try Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing is still a relatively small segment of the total number of fishing outings each year, but that segment has been growing fast.

Top 4 Rivers to Fish - Texas Edition

There are many different rivers in Texas to kayak and fish, and fortunately I have been able to get on a few of these rivers. Of course, I have not covered every single river in Texas, and most of the rivers I have been on have only been for a small section of that river.

Devils River - The Passion of Fishing
Every time I have gone to the Devils River in Southwest Texas I am amazed. The scenery is really something that I enjoy, as the rugged hills and cliffs with hardly any trees at all make an extreme contrast to...
Basic Checklist for Kayak Fishing

Bending Branches Ambassador, Jason Kincy, has made a very useful checklist for those that are interested in kayak fishing! Join in on the trend with these basic necessities.

Bending Branches Welcomes 9 New Fishing Pros
February 5, 2015 – Bending Branches, the global leader in kayak and canoe paddles, is starting 2015 with a bang in the kayak fishing community. Effective immediately, 9 new professional kayak anglers have been added to the Bending Branches national...