Angler Pro: Kayak Fishing Paddle of the Year…Again!


We’re very honored and proud that the Angler Pro has been awarded Kayak Fishing Paddle of the Year for the 6th year in a row!

Bending Branches' Angler Pro paddle

Thanks to the feedback and support of many, we updated the Angler Pro in 2017 with new vibrant colors, lighter weights and lower price points. We think it’s the best Angler Pro yet—and it seems many agree with us!

The Kayak Angler Choice Awards (KACA) are chosen by the kayak fishing community in partnership with The Awards cover categories like:

  • Kayak of the Year
  • Kayak Angler of the Year
  • Kayak Angling Retailer/Bait Shop/Outfitter of the Year
  • and more…

Bending Branches introduced the first Angler Pro in 2013. We were blown away when it won Kayak Fishing Paddle of the Year its inaugural year. The Pro has continued to earn the honor each year since.

We redesigned the Angler Pro this year based on specific feedback from our ProStaff and Ambassador community. We made them even lighter than before, especially with the new Angler Pro Carbon.

Before rolling out production, we made a few prototypes and had our pro team field test them. We’ve had great feedback from them:

(video review by Chris Funk, The Feral One and Bending Branches National ProStaff)

“If you are looking for a new paddle I would definitely take a look at the Angler Pro. It is the best paddle money can buy in my opinion.” Clint Taylor, Texas Kayak Fisher and BB National ProStaff

“After a month of regular use, I’ve yet to experience any shoulder soreness or develop any blisters. The Angler Pro comes with an oval shaped carbon fiber shaft that offers both, comfort and a solid grip. It has just enough flex to be forgiving on the elbows and wrists but doesn’t sacrifice responsiveness. Rest assured when you need to move water, it will move water.” Drew Ross, LooknFishy and BB National ProStaff

"I don't know how they did it, but the engineering geniuses at Bending Branches outdid themselves. The new design slices through the water even better than the old model. The best part is the silence and efficiency of the paddle pull…I was so taken back by the beauty and performance of this paddle, I forgot I was there to fish!” Tyler Thiede, BB Regional Ambassador

We owe this award to you—the kayak fishing community. Thanks for believing in us and supporting us!

Thanks from Bending Branches

For detailed specs and to buy the new Angler Pro click here or call our Wisconsin-based customer service team at 715-755-3405.

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