How to Store & Transport Your Kayak

Bending Branches ProStaffer and “Flukemaster” Gene Jensen gives us his best tips on how to store and transport a kayak so it lives a long and healthy life…

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When you’ve invested in a kayak, you want to care for it well so it’ll last you for years. Transporting and storing your boat properly isn’t just safer, your boat will last longer.

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Transporting Your Kayak

When he’s hauling one kayak instead of pulling a trailer load of multiple kayaks, Gene likes to use a T-bone bed extender for the bed of his truck. His is made of aluminum so it’s light and packs easily.

If you have a heavy kayak like a Hobie, lift the nose on the trailer first, then lift the back end up. That’s much easier than lifting the entire boat up and heaving it on the trailer.

how to transport your kayak

What Type of Straps to Use

Ratcheting straps are common, but can damage your kayak when pulled too tight. Cinch straps are a great solution and are easy to use.

Kanulocks are another great option, especially if you’re traveling. They’re not cheap, but they’re very effective and very secure. The straps are almost impossible to cut through, so you won’t have to worry about your boat being stolen.

Storing Your Kayak(s)

If you have several kayaks, building a wooden rack for your garage or shed is ideal. Depending on your climate you may or may not want to store them flat, as very hot weather will warp them. This is especially true of low-end kayaks. Storing it on its side will prevent that.

Check out Gene’s set-up with PVC pipes as stabilizers. These prevent “pressure points” that can damage your boat:

how to store your kayak

Another option is to store it vertically by tying the back end to the ceiling and allowing it to sit upright on the bow.

Your kayak has the potential to last you for many years if you treat it well. Protect your investment with proper storage and transport.

Thanks to Gene for these basic and helpful tips!

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