The Angler Pro Kayak Fishing Paddle Just Got Better

Bending Branches’ best and lightest kayak fishing paddle—the Angler Pro—received a make-over and upgrade in the Summer of 2017. Take a look…

Branches new angler pro fishing kayak paddle
(Photo courtesy of Eric Atkins)

Our Angler Pro kayak fishing paddle has received Angler Paddle of the Year four times so far. But we weren’t satisfied yet. Now we’ve upgraded it to make it even better:

Angler Pro

First, the new Angler Pro is even lighter than its predecessors—just 28 ounces. Second, the blades are slightly larger for an even more powerful stroke. And third, our ProStaff team put their heads together to give us three all-new designs to set you apart from all the other kayak anglers out there.

This Angler Pro has an aviation-grade 100% carbon shaft. It’s available with either a snap-button ferrule (MSRP $299.95) or the ultra-versatile Plus Ferrule (MSPR $324.95), with its telescoping ferrule and infinite feather angles. Both ferrule types come with a built-in tape measure on the shaft.

The blades are constructed of multi-laminate fiberglass. They’re a beefy 105 square inches each, offering you a power-packed stroke. This model is available in three brand new design options: Dorado, Radiant and Raptor.

Angler Pro Carbon

Next, we included all those upgrades into a brand new carbon version of the Angler Pro—our lightest kayak fishing paddle ever.

The blades are constructed of multi-laminate carbon, allowing us to weigh this paddle in at a mere 25 ounces.

The Angler Pro Carbon has the same 100% carbon shaft, also available in either a snap-button ferrule (MSRP $399.95) or Plus Ferrule (MSRP $424.95). The Plus gives you unlimited feathering angles. The telescoping Plus makes changing the paddle’s length a breeze. Both options give you the built-in tape measure.

new angler pro kayak fishing paddles

Both models are proudly made at our factory in Osceola, Wisconsin.

Do you have more questions about the new Angler Pro or Angler Pro Carbon? Give our Wisconsin-based customer service team a call (715-755-3405) or send an email today!

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