Angler Pro Kayak Fishing Paddle Blade Pattern: Copperhead

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We’re happy to introduce our newest new blade pattern for Bending Branches’ award-winning kayak fishing paddle, the Angler Pro: Copperhead.

copperhead kayak fishing paddle

Photo by Reggie Chapa

About the Angler Pro Kayak Fishing Paddle

Since its inaugural year of 2013, the Angler Pro has consistently won Kayak Fishing Paddle of the Year by Kayak Anglers Choice Awards (KACA). Used by serious kayak anglers everywhere, we continue to improve the Angler Pro based on feedback from our ProStaff team.

The Angler Pro features a 100% carbon shaft for extreme light weight. You can choose either a traditional 3-hole snap-button ferrule, or our versatile Versa-Lok ferrule system for an adjustable length of up to 15 centimeters and multiple feathering angles. A tape measure printed on the shaft ensures you the ability to measure your catch before releasing.

The oversize blades on the Angler Pro models are hand-crafted of compression-molded fiberglass. This type of blade allows us to create and use very cool designs, with our newest for 2022 being Copperhead.

new Branches' Copperhead kayak fishing paddle

The eye-catching Copperhead kayak blade pattern for Angler Pro

About Angler Pro’s Blade Pattern: Copperhead

We used the same creation process for the Copperhead blade pattern as we’ve done for our others like Radiant and GlowTek.

We begin by asking a core group of our ProStaff and Ambassador team members for ideas. After collecting their ideas, we start to brainstorm how they could be used on a paddle blade. We tap the creativity of our own designers as well as a couple trusted outside designers.

From there we narrow down our top two or three picks, and have those designs printed on the silk fabric we use for our Angler Pro paddle blades.

Once on fabric, the clear winner for this year’s new blade pattern was Copperhead, an idea that came from one of our team members.

After several rounds of tweaking, we were finally satisfied with its look on prototype paddle blades, and ready to produce these paddles for our customers.

Copperhead kayak blade

An Angler Pro kayak paddle blade in Copperhead, just out of the mold

The entire process from start to finish for these new pattern ideas takes about six months.

How to Buy the Angler Pro in Copperhead

We are shipping orders for the Angler Pro in Copperhead (both snap-button and Versa-Lok models):

It’s possible the local or online dealer you work with may have these in stock sooner, so please check with them for quicker fulfillment.

Copperhead kayak fishing paddle

Photo by Reggie Chapa

Can we help you choose your next kayak fishing paddle? Contact our friendly Customer Service team today: 715-755-3405 • [email protected]

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