Canoe Paddle Bag: Buy or Make Your Own

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Protect your canoe paddles with a paddle bag that protects them from scratches, dings and dust. They’re great for both storage and transporting.

You can either buy a bag designed for canoe paddles, adapt a bag or make your own:

Where to Buy a Canoe Paddle Bag

Frost River Paddle Sack is constructed of the same waxed cotton canvas they use for their canoe packs. It’s breathable, waterproof and rugged. They have a short and long version, depending on the length of your paddle. MSRP $80-90 USD.

Wenonah Canoe makes a Double Pocket Paddle Bag that fits two canoe paddles up to 56 inches. It’s constructed of padded heavy-duty nylon. MSRP $39.95 USD.

Oak Orchard Canoe makes a paddle bag for a single paddle for $39.95 or a gaggle of paddles for $79.95. They’re both made of heavy-duty nylon with carrying handle, and will hold paddles up to 63 inches.

Danuu Paddle Gear makes their Paddi Paddle Bag they call “multi-featured body armor for your beloved paddle(s).” It fits up to 4 paddles 61 inches or shorter. MSRP $67.95.

 canoeing on a mountain lake

(photo courtesy of Andrew Strain)

An “Adapted” Canoe Paddle Bag

If you don’t want to spend that much on a paddle bag, you can get a little creative and adapt a bag made for something else.

That’s what some readers did who are part of this conversation on the forum:

  • Use a rifle sock sold for rifles and shotguns. You can find them at sporting goods stores, often for under $10. Not all of them are long enough to fit the whole paddle, so be sure to check your measurements.
  • One reader found a child-size snow ski bag on Ebay and bought it for $15 to use for storing his canoe paddles.
  • Another reader suggests using a camp chair bag, a perfect fit for his canoe paddles.

Make Your Own Canoe Paddle Bag

There were some creative suggestions from other readers in the forum to make your own canoe paddle bag:

  • Use an old pair of jeans (or thrift store jeans)—cut the legs off at the top, hem the edges and sew up the bottoms. You’ll probably want boot-cut for this purpose!
  • Make one out of old sweatpants—same idea as the jeans.
  • Use a fluffy towel, fold it over and sew to the size you need. Can add a hem on top and use a drawcord if desired. The towel material will absorb any water still on the paddle.

For more details on these homemade suggestions go to the forum on

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