Our Sunburst Canoe Paddle: The Best of Both Worlds

woman canoeing with sunburst paddle

Bending Branches’ Sunburst canoe paddle (photo courtesy of Sean Beale)

Bending Branches’ Sunburst ST and Sunburst 11 canoe paddles combine the best of two worlds—wood and carbon—to form one state-of-the-art canoe paddle with the elite canoeist in mind.

Sunburst’s Blade and Grip are Handcrafted from 3 Different Woods

Here at Bending Branches our craftspeople have years of experience behind them using different woods to make gorgeous and highly-functional canoe paddles.

For the Sunburst ST (straight shaft MSRP $214.95) and Sunburst 11 (bent shaft to 11º MSRP $224.95) we use three different woods to achieve its blade design: red alder, basswood and roasted basswood.

All three of these woods are very lightweight, and the colors compliment each other in its distinctive diagonal pinstriped pattern. The entire blade is then edged with our patented Rockgard® protection and reinforced with fiberglass. There’s no need to baby this paddle!

bending branches sunburst canoe paddle blade

The grip is what we call a symmetrical palm/T-grip blend. It’s both ultra-comfortable for long days on the water and gives you all the control you need. It’s crafted from red alder.

bending branches sunburst canoe paddle grip

Sunburst’s Shaft is T-700 Carbon

What makes this wood canoe paddle unique—other than its striking blade pattern—is the carbon shaft. This shaft is ovalized and tapered T-700 carbon, favored by aeronautics engineers for both its light weight and its strength.

The paddle weighs just 17 ounces. You’ll hardly notice you’re holding it. Over long hours and days on the water you’ll experience less fatigue and less strain on your body.

Here are a couple reviews of the Sunburst:

“This all-new Sunburst is a dream to paddle. From tip to grip, this paddle is designed with the canoe elitist in mind. The Sunburst will provide years of comfortable, worry-free paddling and will propel you to places you've only dreamt of.” (Paddling Buyer”s Guide)

bending branches sunburst canoe paddle

“Just off the water with my new Sunburst 11. So well balanced in every definition of the word. Techy with the carbon shaft and artistic with the woods used in the blade. The carbon shaft makes it stiff, light and really powerful. The edge guard protection, and fibreglass wrap on the blade gives me confidence that it will last for years. Thanks so much to Bending Branches for creating a paddle with all the crafts-personship that all of use can appreciate.” (paddling.com)

We appreciate these canoeists who took the time to share their thoughts!

solo canoeist with sunburst paddle

(photo courtesy of Dustin Silvey)

Click here for Sunburst ST details • Click here for Sunburst 11 details

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