6 Ways Canoeing and Kayaking are Ideal Social Distancing Activities

canoeist with bending branches paddle

1. Canoeing & Kayaking have Built-In Social Distances

It’s easy to stay 6 feet apart when you paddle. In fact, when you kayak, the length of the paddle itself forces you to keep your distance from other kayakers!

If you’re concerned about keeping distance between you and your canoe partner, simply adjust the way you enter the canoe. A 16 or 17-foot canoe automatically puts plenty of distance between the two of you.

2. Canoeing & Kayaking Get You Outside

One of the best things you can do for your health, including your immune system (which is really at the bottom of all this concern with COVID-19) is be outside.

It’s not just that there’s far less concern with picking up germs outside than inside, thanks to our friend, the wind. Simply being in nature is well-documented to boost our immune system, lighten our mood, clear our thinking and add a host of other benefits.

3. Canoeing & Kayaking Keep You Active

We all know how good physical activity is for whole-person health. Regular exercise is one of the best ways to keep your immune system strong, among all the other health benefits it provides.

Paddling is a wonderful way to stay active that’s low-impact, fun and—for some of you reading this—new!

toddler in a kayak
Paddling is a fun and healthy family-friendly activity

4. Canoeing & Kayaking are Family-Friendly

Has your family been going crazy cooped up in the house? Go paddling together!

If you don’t own your own equipment, it’ll be a bit tougher with rentals right now. But, trust us, the outfitters want to get back to business safely as much as you want to rent their gear safely!

Call a local retailer or outfitter to see how they’re handling this new coronavirus world. You’ll discover that, with a little ingenuity, they’ll find a way to get you on the water together.

5. Canoeing & Kayaking are Made for Socializing

While “social distancing” is a new term in our vocabulary these days, it’s really “physical distancing” we should be talking about. We want to stay social.

Paddling is a great way to connect with other people—whether part of your household or not. Even if you have to make a little extra effort to sanitize or keep some physical distance, it’s worth the time with others.

If you’re an experienced paddler, there’s no better time to invite newbies on the water with you. People are longing to get out and get around people safely. Now’s your chance to make some paddling converts!

6. Kayak Fishing? Yes, Please!

If you’ve ever thought about getting into kayak fishing, now is an ideal time. Even the highest-end fishing kayaks are more affordable than the lowest-end motor boats. So if you’ve been out of work in the past few weeks and want a budget fishing option, this is it.

woman kayak fishing

Other reasons for kayak fishing:

  • It’s easy to stay 6 feet apart from your fishing buddies.
  • It gets you outside and active, which are both immune system boosters.
  • It’s a super family activity. Even children can learn to fish out of a kayak.

We think canoeing and kayaking are two of the best activities you can do right now.

Not only are they great for your overall health, they’re fun activities to do with others while easily keeping a safe distance if you’re concerned about viruses.

Have fun on the water!

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